14 June 2010

4% and tomorrow's the first big day

But I wrote so much about other stuff that I'm going to write about the title another time. Except to say that the 4% has to do with weight and the first big day with the new iPhone 4.

I've gotten way too much sun, and that's with using SPF 50 lotion. I'm brown. I tan too easily. With the sunblock, I don't burn. At the beach, I'm always under an umbrella. At the pool, I'm in the sun. Rob, Emily and I spent about 3 hours at the pool on Sunday. A little faux family :)

Life is Good

We had a wonderful day. We listened to our music. Spent lots of time in the water. It was HOT! I swam 15 laps. It felt just great. I went to the pool again today after running lots of errands. I swam 16 laps. Yea me! I swam 12 laps three other pool days. My goal is to work up to a mile like in the old days. I think that's 36 laps. I need to find new goggles. Mine suction on so tight that I have raccoon eyes for hours. I just love the pool. Love to listen to my iTunes and read my favorite magazines: Fast Company and Wired. And play Angry Birds and go on Facebook on my iPhone.

I had lab work done this morning. My doctor wanted me to get it done every 6 weeks. I thought that was too much. It's been around 8 months. Way too long. It's mostly for my thyroid levels. My throat has been bothering me so I called the doctor to fax a lab order. I was so pleased to find that LabCorp takes online reservations. They took me exactly on time. Then I went for my yearly GYN appt. Easy peasy. I always breath a sigh of relief after the breast exam. You women know what I mean. I went to the car dealership to have the oil changed and an inspection done to ready the car for my upcoming vacation. I grocery shopped, then went to the pool. Then I backed up all the important stuff on my computer to my external hard drive. Sat outside. Ladeda.

Yesterday was book club. My friend Kit hosted at her place in Sherwood Forest. After eating, I took the first group of 3 (plus me) on the golf car to give them a tour. It was just delightful outside. Breezy. Beautiful. I felt like an expert tour guide. I parked the golf car by the main pier and we walked down the dock. Nancy and Karla wanted to put their feet in the water. I gathered up my dress and sat daintily (that's for you Andrew) down. The water was great. We were gone for a while and I knew it was past time to go back. I got up, put my hands in my pockets and found there was no golf car key. What happened to it will remain a mystery. What made the day into a lasting memory was Nancy jumping into the Severn River fully clothed to try to find it. She went under! What a sight. As it turned out, the water was only about 4' deep there. She found oyster shells. The rest of the group came and Kit brought a rake to rake the bottom of the river for the key. It was pretty funny. Luckily I had my cell phone to call Kit and she had a spare key.

Most of the book club members

I'm exhausted. When I feel this way after lots of sun and swimming, I usually sleep poorly. Go figure!


KathyA said...

Nancy is a trooper!! I want her on my team.
You DO lead an interesting life!

Jules said...

I'm exhauasted just reading you. I count an oil change as a full days work!

BTW, thought of you tonight. I did 5 laps in the pool. On my way to 36!! But 5 was a minor victory and I'll take it!

Andrew said...

You have such a good wholesome life you know that? Full of friends, family, and others. I especially love your gravitation towards the pool. It makes me smile to see you floating in that photo.

Jamie said...

Holy crap C---you do get alot done!

Funny you mention the swimming goggles, ugh -- after my damned cat ate a couple more pairs, I just started buying them whenever or whereever I can and the last pair? Destroyed my face...well, my eyes anyway. I am too old to screw with the under eye area at all. I think I am going to get the swim mask. Yes, it will leave marks on my lower face and forehead but that will eventually go away. These under eye bags that I have been dealing with since sunday look like Hillary Clinton's on steroids. Geez...if it's not one thing, it's a million others.

Happy Day. Hugs. :)

Seth M. Ward said...

Thanks for the comment on the new layout C~ I got tired of trying to find someone to do it and Blogger came out with the new design tool so I just sat down and hammered it out. Hope your enjoying your new iPhone. I wish I had one!

SOUL said...

sounds like a perfect day to me... too bad ya don't sleep well after such a full day. seems you'd sleep like a corpse. or maybe you did? try eatin a late dinner on a busy day-- food always puts me out. it's like runnin a marathon, for me to eat. don't ask me why.. my body just works hard to digest.
anyhow-- you do sound happy lately -- or at least 'relaxed' - of course - you always have - but then again... you are YOU.
hope your wednesday brings all good things to you and yours -
big hugs to you buddy

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