29 June 2010

Monday update

What a lazy beach day! After all the rain and storms of yesterday, today bloomed sunny. I woke up late again (yea!) and got right into my bathing suit. Cup of coffee in hand plus chair and umbrella, I was on the beach at 8 AM. I came up for a quick breakfast later on, then stayed on the beach till 4:30. How's that for a beach bum? I read about a page of my book. I didn't read a magazine. I sat in my chair under the umbrella. Talked to my sister. Laid on the raft in 6 inches of water and smiled. Laid on my back and my stomach that way. Yes, I was probably a curious sight. I laid on the raft on the beach with a towel underneath me and listened to my tunes. It was a completely relaxing day in every way.

We had an unappetizing dinner of hotdogs, frozen fries and canned baked beans. Cooked. It was perfect. On paper plates. We went to see a show, Le Grande Cirque 'Adrenaline' at the Palace Theatre. It was pretty amazing...male and female Chinese acrobats doing amazing things. It was way too expensive. Every year we see some kind of live performance here. I think I've seen enough.

Will tomorrow be another lazy day or will we 'do something'? We'll see. The kids are happy. As long as they're content, my sister and I are content. Let's hope it's another great weather day. The forecast for the week is for a chance of scattered thunderstorms every day. I'll hope for sunny skies.


Seth M. Ward said...

How do you do it? Do you charge like 400 dollars a hair cut? I'd just say screw it, quit your job and retire down there.....atleast for the summer.

KathyA said...

Was at the salon today for a pedi -- thought of you as I considered taking a photo of my orchid toenails!!
Be careful of the sun -- your shoulders look real red! Miss you, Kathy

Moohaa said...

I'm relaxed just reading about your day! So glad you are enjoying yourself... it's well deserved. :)

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

So glad you are having a relaxing time on vacation. You deserve a break.

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