16 June 2010


I have a few minutes before running off to work and then spending my day running. That's how busy I'll be at work. I'll hit the library and Walmart before I start.

So, the last title. I went to the doctor on Monday and was pleased to find I weigh about 4% less than the same time last year. Why put it in percentages? My nephew Ryan is on a quest to become 27% slimmer than his current weight and he's journaling it in his new blog: www.blog.dietsunmasked.com. Check it out and say hi. He's a great writer and pretty brave for writing out loud about something so personal.

I went to AT&T yesterday morning to pre-order the new iPhone 4. Which, btw, is 24% slimmer than the previous models. I'll get it the day before vacation. I'm SO excited.


Andrew said...

Oh, I wish I could get an iPhone. I would love to try out all the apps. I hear there are a lot of weather related apps I would love. I think I will ask for an iPod Touch soon as a compromise. That way I can get the apps without the cellphone contract which I would never use.

I just love your blog, you know that? It is such a joy to me when I check Google Reader and there is a new post from you. Don't give up blogging ever. You have a flair for it!

Susie said...

Good job on slimming down and good for Ryan too.

I hate reading about how much you love your iphone...only because it really, really makes me want to get one of my own!

A Slice of My Life said...

Me again...the link to Ryan's blog isn't working..

KathyA said...

I'm beginning to see a theme here with the percentages! I myself have lost 3%!

Jules said...

I'm about 50% happier than I was yesterday. Which is saying ALOT because yesterday I was 12% happier than the day before.

You techno Queen you.....Yes I'm jealous, so there.

Professor M... said...

My lawn is about 5-6% shorter than it was before I mowed it (I am only guestimating as I thought it would look silly taking a ruler out there). Great blog!

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