13 May 2011

Yesterday's news

I finally got around to writing yesterday, and Blogger was down. What's that saying, a day late...?

I've been mainly busy with things other than taking the time for blogging. That's my excuse. I've been preoccupied with all that has to be done for Emily's graduation party. My garden is mostly ready. That's taken a lot of time and money. Time and money well spent. It's lush. I spent a few hours at a garden center today, and I'll put the new plants in the ground once the sun's a little less intense. I'm SO happy that it's spring. We've had over a week of nice days in the 70's. That's so unusual for Maryland. We gallop into summer. Emily has really gotten into the outdoors this year. It makes me proud. She cleaned out the wooded area in our backyard. Raked the 'forest floor' clean. Trimmed trees. Mowed. Put out all my garden statuary. Mulched. I'm so used to doing everything myself...this is a nice change that I hope lasts.

I left early this morning to visit my parents. They're doing SO well . And the staff...every time I visit someone tells me how much they enjoy my parents.The place seemed to be too good to be true. It is that good. My mom and I sat on a glider in the courtyard today, in the shade of a large tree. My father sat in a nearby chair. It was heavenly.

I'm deep into my book club book, Major Pettigrew's Last Stand, by Helen Simonson. It's a great book! I have the last book of The Hunger Games series waiting for me. I can't wait to read that. As I told Rob, the good thing about reading is it keeps me off the Internet. The bad thing about reading is it keeps me off the Internet.

I'm having work done around the house on Sunday. I'll have a final ceiling fan installed. And an attic fan. My upstairs is so hot in the summer; I hope this helps. I'm having new porch and garage lights (sconces?) installed, along with floodlights in the backyard. I'm having a porch light timer installed. Whew. Then next week I'm having my deck and porch power-washed, trim painted and lattice put under my two-story deck. Ah the joys of home-ownership. There's nothing like a party to get things that need to get done, done.

It's such a gorgeous day! Breezy with no humidity. The garden is calling; lots of plants waiting to go in the ground.
Till the next time....

Here's a little 'next time.'

It was a cold and damp day today. SO different than yesterday. It was a good day to be working. I finished my book and enjoyed it to the end. I'm tired from work and ready to say goodnight to Friday. Can't wait till tomorrow afternoon and my latte at Borders. Sometimes its the simple things in life that give the most pleasure.


Jamie said...

You are such a busy girl. I marvel at your energy and your dedication to get it all done. But, I always have. Enjoy your Saturday afternoon latte. Biggest hugs. Seriously. J. :)

happyone said...

It is so good to hear that your parents are doing so well!!
I'm one of your clients today. See you in a little while.

KathyA said...

Your statement about the internet and reading holds true for me, too!

I thought that book was sensational! Loved how Simonson so adeptly avoids stereotypical behaviors in her characters.

We were going to work outside today...ugh! May still try to do that.

Noofy said...

I too was wondering if it was a sign with the blog down. I still haven't posted, but I have pictures! :o I've been hubby's "lovely assistant" helping with a tree trimming project of dead branches from last winter's storms. Tomorrow it is suppose to pour all day long, maybe I'll post my blog then. Good to hear your folks are doing well. Good luck with your projects, you've certainly got alot going on. Looking forward to seeing postings of Emily's graduation and the party!

happyone said...

Hi Cheryl, I'm back to get the book title to add to my list.
Love my hair as always. Thanks friend! : )
Hope you had time to eat your lunch!

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