07 August 2011

This and That

This and That

I'm so excited to be going to the beach with Rob. We'll leave in the morning as soon as he gets here. They're calling for thunderstorms and very hot weather. We'll have fun no matter what.

I can't believe I'm sitting here eating potato chips.

I visited my parents after work and stayed till my mom was in bed. I'm amazed at the level of care and love that my mother receives. She, in turn, really cares about the people who work in her 'home'. She knows everyone's name and treats the staff and especially the caregivers like they're her real friends. They are her friends. She's genuinely interested in knowing about their lives. We spent a lot of time tonight with Jackie, one of the med-techs. She's from Kenya and has lived in the states for a year. She works 3 jobs and is paying for her brother and sister to attend university in Kenya. As she was leaving my mother's room, my mother said, 'you forgot something'. Jackie asked what it was, and my mother replied, 'my kiss'. Jackie reminded her she always comes back before she gets off work to kiss her. How sweet is that? Jackie was in the hall when I was leaving. I thanked her for caring so much for my mother. I asked her if I could give her a hug. I hugged her and gave her a kiss.

Sometimes I do silly things like this when I have a client who has a lot of hair taken off:

One of my favorite clients, Ruth McHenry, died this week just a few months after being diagnosed with lung cancer. She was 83. I had been doing Ruth's hair for over 20 years, and for the last few years she came in every Friday to have it styled. It was always so inspiring to me to see an older person who was so 'with it' both physically and mentally. She regularly drove to Atlantic City. She went to the diner almost every day for breakfast or lunch. She lived alone and took care of her house. She drove everywhere she needed to go. In my salon she greeted so many of my co-workers by name. In turn, everyone knew she was Miss McHenry. She never let me give her a discount! She reminded me of things I forgot. She picked up our conversations where we left off from Friday to Friday, not forgetting a single detail. I shared freely with her about everything. Although she was my father's age, she was like a grandmother to me. Ruth was from Germany, and once told me she thought of me as the daughter she never had. She said, 'I always wanted a Heidi'. We were very close. Ruth's husband died about 6 years ago after a very lengthy illness, and I think I helped her through that time. In the end, she had two nephews (her husband's), and a niece in Germany. She had an old neighbor who helped her out with doctor's appointments after her diagnosis, and who visited her every day (and kept me from seeing her in the end). There were only about 8 of us at her funeral, and I was the only one who spoke. She made a difference in my life, and I won't forget her. I wanted to write about my relationship with Ruth, because she was important to me.

How's that for some This and That?


Jamie said...

Have a wonderful time at the beach with Rob! I am sorry about Ruth. I suppose that her time had just come, being 83, but still it's hard to lose a friend. Hugs honey.

Retired Knitter said...

Some people enter our lives for a reason ... usually it is to make us better people.

Glad you had such a special relationship.

Leann said...

She was fortunate to have you in her life, especially with her family being so far away. People are placed in our lives, and we in theirs for a reason. It sounds like you understand and appreciate the bond you had. May she rest in peace and fly with the angels.

Blessed be.

Lena said...

How lucky that your parents are in such a caring and loving environment. That is so wonderful and must bring you and your family so much peace!

I am sorry to hear about Ruth. She sounded like a wonderful woman so full of passion for life! It must have been so wonderful to feel like her daughter and have such a close bond with her.

She was so fortunate to have you in her life.

Enjoy your time with Rob, so excited for u two!

Moohaa said...

It sounds like you know and have known some truly beautiful spirits. I'm sorry about Ruth, I am glad you were able to be her Heidi and bring some love into her life.

Truly enjoy your time with Rob, you truly deserve it!

Noofy said...

There are few people who make an impression in our lives. We know exactly who they are and truly enjoy the privilege of being a part of THEIR life. It's sad to lose someone who becomes a member of the family so to speak. The happiness she brought you I'm sure will be missed often.

Rob said...

Hi honey,

Just wanted to let you know I stopped by to catch up on your blog. I love the things you wrote about Ruth. As much as I have sat with you while you told me about her this gave me a totally different feeling tonight when I was reading. What a great gift you both received from this relationship. I'm happy you shared this with us. :-)

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