08 January 2007

I had a very good day off today. It was pretty lazy, which is unusual for me. It felt good to be mostly home. I did go to 3 stores and stocked up on lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and lots of chicken. I'm trying to shed some of the weight I gained during the holidays. Every time I put something in my mouth that I shouldn't, my daughter catches me. I told her when I'm on a diet I'm unstoppable. I'm not quite there yet. I'm ready for the week with lots of healthy food. Work days are always easier for me, food-wise.

Emily wanted me to post pictures of her dog Elvis. He spent Saturday and Sunday here while her dad was out of town. Emily loves that dog. He's pretty cute, huh? He looks gigantic in this picture but it's just the angle it was taken from.

This is what happens when I download video. I get stills. One of these days I'll figure it out. It does make a nice picture collage.

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Billy said...

Your daughter looks just like you. The dog is cute. I am not much of an animal lover, but he sure seems like he would be lovable.

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