20 January 2007

So if you read this regularly, you know my Saturday routine. Start work at 8, work hard, get off early and head to my local hangout. Drink my favorite hot beverage. I was pleased when the barista called me by name. When I got my drink and said I'd see her next Saturday, she said she was moving to Texas. That's too bad. I told her I had just seen something on Google about Starbucks buying Seattle's Best. She said that happened in 1999 and that Seattle's Best is the red Starbucks. Hmmm..She's worked in both places and said SB is much better. I agree.

We went to our friend's for dinner. A great time was had by all.
The kids were very rowdy, meaning, they were having a good time. Cathi and I shared a few beers and lots of conversation. Geoff always grills and he made bacon-wrapped shrimp. Delicious. We had that, salad, rice, bread, grapes, and grilled goose breast. There weren't many takers for the latter. Emily called me at work to ask if she could make a cake for dessert instead of buying one. Now why didn't I think of that? Mallory made something delicious that she called Chocolate Crack Up. Here's a picture of the kids ready to have their cake and eat it too.

I love this picture of their cat taking a drink from his favorite bowl. The fish bowl, that is. He never bothers the fish. I think that's hilarious. I wonder if they'll come home one day to a fancy water bowl sans fish??


abbagirl74 said...

The kids look like they had lots of fun. Future chefs!

Dave said...

Sounds like you had an ideal day! I love that fish bowl though I am not a lover of cats! :-) Found you through abbagirls blog.


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