28 January 2007

Waaaah. I lost my post. I had it done, and saved it to draft, but when I came back to it I found this error code: bX-ewveo1, and no post. I'm grateful that it's never happened before, but I am not a happy camper. Fueled by caffeine, I had a lot of words ready to go. Too tired now; I'll catch up tomorrow.


Kristen said...

Sometimes when I am writing a lot I copy and paste to a file in my computer (rather than at the blog site). Yeah, it does make me nervous, thinking that the flow of thought could be eliminated by a web glitch. Sometimes things written in a web box can be re-discovered by using the back button, though I do not know in which cases this works. If something looks lost, give it a try.

Sorry that happened to you.

Dave said...

After getting that message (fortunately I lost nothing) I have been writing my blog in MS Word and then cutting and pasting it into my blog. Also helps me in my spelling via spellcheck. I have, however, lost stuff while in Hotmail and I know how upset I have become. Grrrr!

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