16 January 2007

I'm trying not to watch American Idol. Am I one of the few? I started watching it last year, but only after all the auditions were over. This part of the show is painful to watch, yet oddly entertaining.

It was a good day at work. Pretty uneventful. I had a new client who came in with frizzy hair and a terrible haircut. She said her last haircut was really bad and that she had to cut her own bangs and have her husband cut the back. She'd been to a few salons but was always disappointed. Her hair looked great when I was done, and she was very happy. I love that part of my job. This client was in her 50's, and didn't know how to style her hair. I can't understand why a hairstylist had never shown her how. I also can't understand why she had such bad haircuts. There's really no excuse for that.

Well, La De Da

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Andrew said...

I wish you lived near me. I have a phobia about going to the barbershop and they are always sub par cuts. I would come and see you as I would probably feel comfortable around you. Your just a all around cool person, ya know? Take care and don't work too hard tomorrow.

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