11 April 2007

I'm writing this with the rain making a steady beat on the roof. It's a soothing sound, especially at night. I hope it's done by tomorrow. Maybe, just maybe, we'll wake up to a day that feels like spring.

I tried a technique from the haircutting class on a client today. Not the same haircut; I won't do that. Mine was symmetrical. I took my time, and really liked what it did for the layers. Turns out the co-worker who went to the class was watching, and came over. She said, 'you're doing what we learned at the class.' I really didn't want my client knowing I was trying something new, but it was out. She was OK with it. She's one of those clients who always lets me do whatever I want. It turned out really good. When I was done, my co-worker asked me to cut her hair. This is the one that went to the class with me. I didn't want to and said no many times. She pressured me, and I gave in, against my better judgement. She said 'it's only hair and whatever you do will be fine.' I should have known better. I didn't start from scratch, just texturized the cut she had. She watched me. We talked about what I was doing. At the end she said, "I think the top should have been cut differently. I think we took out the fullness. I should have looked at my paper where I had it written down." Later on I looked over at her and she was cutting her own hair. When I finished my client and went to her she said, oh, I can't even blow dry it and make it look good. Oh, great. I told her she couldn't blame me. She asked for the cut, she saw what I was doing, she knew I didn't want to do it, and she should have looked at the directions. Now I'm the one who gave the bad haircut. I should have known! She should have known too.


Esmerelda said...

Oh! Gawd!

People are such babies about their hair. IT grows back, people!

Get a grip. I'm sure you did a fantastic job and she's just...well..not nearly as fantastic.

captain corky said...

She sounds like she has issues.

Amanda said...

Sounds like someone forgot to put their big girl panties on this morning... Nothing bugs me more than people who say "oh please, go right ahead" and then blame you for the consequences.

Andrew said...

Thanks for your email today. I've wondered how your day has been all day long. I still haven't got that photoshop mailed. I've been procrastinating. I also have a 30 day trial of photoshop creative suite 2 I am going to send you to try out. I will try to get that in the mail in the next few days.


Billy said...

Like she said, it's. just. hair.

She'll get over it.

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