16 April 2007

One step forward, two steps back
We've had some amazingly stormy weather here in the northeast. I'm sitting at the library with a second story view of the wind-whipped trees. You can hear the wind howl and the metal roof rattle. I do love the library, but that's not why I'm here. The cable is down at my house, both for the Internet and TV. I won't be surprised if we lose all power. The forecast for the weather is that it will get worse as the day progresses. It would be a good day to be at work, although not for the clients because they'd be sporting some frenzied hair as soon as they walked out the door. But I digress. I didn't have any plans for the day and decided I'd spend time putting up some ads on eBay. Since I couldn't get on the computer at home, I called the library to make sure theirs was working, and made my plans to hang out here. I took pictures of my sale items, downloaded them to folders (so organized!) and drove the short distance to the library . I found the very nice tech person who spent hours with me working on my MP3 player to let her know how I finally got it to work. Then I asked if there was an area where people worked using their laptops. She directed me to this many-windowed area and I set my stuff up. Any clue where's this is heading? Their wireless is down. So, no eBay. I'm reading mail and writing this.

Anyway, I'll tell you about this eBay stuff. I really don't want to be a seller. I have enough stuff to keep me busy. I told a client about how Emily took over posting ads on Craigslist when I was cleaning out the basement. My client was about to have his basement remodeled and had the good idea that Emily might like to sell his stuff. I told her about it and his offer for her to keep 25-30% of whatever price she got. She agreed and we went to his house to see what was there. Some of the things will be give-aways, but then he had what I think are valuable items. Original newspapers in good shape from both Kennedy assassinations. Life and Look magazines from the assassinations. Newspapers from July-August 1969 of the first voyage to the moon. All kinds of Beatles stuff. Baseball cards. Well, Emily has decided she doesn't have time to sell. She did list his bike on Craigslist. And, I feel obligated to at least try to sell some of his things. I'm not doing it for the money. I feel an obligation since an agreement was made. I thought today would be the day I'd get a start. That will have to wait.


Billy said...

Wow, he does have some great stuff! Sorry to hear about the crummy weather. Out of curiosity, what do you get when you order something from Starbucks or Borders?

Terroni said...

I hope your weather improves soon! We have 50 mph winds here, but the sun is out for the first time in about 6 years, so nobody cares that we're all blowing away.

That whole selling stuff online thing sounds like a pain! I'll be interested to hear about what 25-30% of the profits are, though.

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