15 April 2009

Deja Vous

Another cold and rainy day. Pouring, in fact. Another good day to be inside working. The upside of this weather is how green everything is. When the sun shines it's going to look like it's morphed into true spring. Which seems to last about 48 hours in MD. You never know. Sometimes it lasts longer; sometimes we go right into summer weather.

I started writing a post about Pica the Chinchilla, but I've run out of time. I'll have that in my next one.

Happy Wednesday!


Kathy said...

I think you're right: one good day of sun and we'll be blooming like crazy! And then it'll be 90 degrees!

Brad said...

Your spring sounds like our summer - blink and you miss it.

fiwa said...

I think we're having second winter here.

Lena said...

We are all looking towards Friday when it is supposed to hit, 70 degrees. But as of today, I am still wearing the winter jacket!

Can't wait to hear the chinchilla stories.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Happy Wednesday.

We've still been in the 30s most days.

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