09 April 2009

It felt like a Sunday

It' s been a mostly great day, but it flew by. There were 16 of us for Passover dinner at my parent's house. Lots of pictures were taken. Memories made. It was really so nice. I don't remember the last time all four of us sibling were together. Only 3 nephews and one niece were missing. I wonder if there's a way to splice them into the pictures?

I'm writing on my computer! I brought my laptop to my neighbor's house and the Dell technician fixed it there. Let's hope it lasts for the next 15 months of my warranty with no further ado.

Tomorrow Emily and I will meet my sister and her family downtown. They'll drive there and start with a White House tour at 8:30 AM. Unfortunately they were only able to get 4 tickets. We'll take the Metro down and meet up with them at one of the Smithsonian museums. It will be warm and rainy. That won't matter. I hope.

I'm too tired to read blogs or do much more than put on my PJ's and go to bed. Hope all is well in your world. I'll be back to visit when I can.


josie2shoes said...

This all sounds so good - family gathered, and great plans for the days coming up. Good memories in the making! It made me smile :-)

C.A. said...

So glad you have a peaceful Passover, C. I think you are cursed by Dell! I can't believe the computer saga is still going on. That has to be so frustrating for you!

Enjoy your day today...thanks for all your upbeat posts...they make my day!



fiwa said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful day - I'm so glad.

Enjoy the time with your sister.

love you -

Kathy said...

Such a great seder!


Glad you had a good Passover. What dish did you prepare?
Do you guys do the entire Haggadah? Did any of the nephews ask the four questions or find the hidden matzoh?

I can't wait to hear how your trip went to DC. Sounds like fun!!

Enjoy the comfort of your jammies!
Happy Easter too! :)


Palm Springs Savant said...

Family together-time is so important, especially around the holidays. Enjoy!

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