12 April 2009

Do good intentions count for anything?

I meant to write a long post. Friday. Saturday. Today. What did I write? Obviously nothing. As I sat on my deck today looking at how yellow the goldfinches have become, I thought of writing. As I watched and listened to the tufted titmouse at the feeder. As I listened to my chimes. When I breathed in the smell of my freshly mowed grass. Then there's all the pictures I have ready to upload. Alas, none of it got written or posted. Emily asked me if I still wrote in my blog. I said, it's been a while. People will forget me if I don't write soon. If I don't say hi to my friends on their blogs. So, this is an IOU. I have great intentions for tomorrow.


TAG said...

When you have to choose between living life and writing about living life, choose the former.

Your friends will understand.


josie2shoes said...

Sometimes I am in the mood to write often and much, sometimes that feeling just isn't there. I am learning that it is ok to go with those feelings. Sitting listening to birds and windchimes sounds ever so lovely to me! When life calls... answer! You can always write about it later. :-) We won't forget you, I promise.

Kathy said...

Your friends really do understand -- sometimes you have to sit back and smell the birds! (You know what I mean!) :)

ellesu said...

I vote for good intentions counting. (I, too, have had very good intentions about posting to my blog lately, but....)

I'm glad you had a good time with your family. That's so important.

Dear Liza said...

No biggie, we could never forget you. Plus, it sounds like you had a just about perfect day, so why would you be in the house writing about it?

Happy Monday, friend.

C.A. said...

There is NO way I would ever forget you. :) We all step away from the blog sometimes, it's normal. We'll all still be here when you come back, rest assured!



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