13 April 2009

A real post

I woke up thinking I overslept because my room was so light. Nope, only 7:00. I'm not used to the sun. Yet. It's only after 9:00 and now it's cloudy, but that's OK. I'm up and out. Another day of not being sure of what will unfold. I'm thinking of checking out the new 'town center' area near Annapolis. Emily needs to go to Target and there's one there. Maybe she'll like the idea and that's what we'll do. I felt like I should visit my mom and would have done that instead of this, but she seemed content and anyway, her helper is coming at noon. So I didn't mention anything.

Yesterday was the first Easter in years that I didn't have plans. Emily and I have always been invited to my neighbor's. It's hard to see a tradition end, but life changes and you have to change with it. I just did this and that. I made our new favorite chicken dish with the French's fried onions. Broccoli. Rice. Baked potatoes. Yes, two starches. I sometimes think I'm losing my mind.

So, I've been feeling out of sorts. Probably depressed. Too much time on my hands and no drive. My shoulder bothers me and so does my knee. Not anything horrible or overly painful, but something that could be healed with the right treatment? I need to see a doctor. The Orthopedist thought my knee problem might be a Baker's Cyst. I finally had Emily look it up and it perfectly describes my problem. Fluid behind the knee. I need a MRI. My shoulder doesn't interfere with my work, but it hurts and I really need it and my knee for all the gardening work ahead. Plus I can't swim. Emily is of the age that she doesn't need me for much, and whereas in the past my alone time was fine, it's not so much anymore. That's why I'm here at Panera's. This is a happy place to be alone, and I need to do those things that give me pleasure.

I got to see my GA sister and her family 5 times while they were in town. I know that if we lived close we'd see each other often. They went back to Augusta on Saturday and I miss them already. I booked a week's vacation in N. Myrtle Beach in June so I'll see my sister then. It will be she and I, my mom, Emily and a friend. So we'll be together then.

Picture time!

Sean, on the left, and Heather and Hannah on the right are my brother's kids. They live minutes from my parents. The middle two boys, Jonathan and Andrew are from GA. They have 2 other brothers, both married and dads-to-be, Adam (N.C.) and Aaron (WI). Their sister Sarah is about to graduate from UGA. The other nephew in the picture is Ryan. He's my sister Lisa's older son (Lisa lives minutes from my parent's too). Her other son Eric lives in NJ and couldn't join us. Then, of course, there's Emily.

Just the cousins

My brother and his family

Guess who?

Here's the sibs. I'm the middle girl. Younger sister Lisa on the left, older (but not by much) sister Ilene on the right. My brother is the youngest.

With the folks

Group shot. This time including my SIL Cindy and BIL Andy.

Gefilte fish anyone? I think not.

This looks much better!

And this one just because I think it's so pretty.

Now for a this and that. The goldfinches are getting so yellow. I find that amazing. They're almost the color of the forsythias. The hummingbirds should arrive in the next two weeks. The robins are busy gathering nesting materials. The pear tree is snowing white petals. The trees that aren't flowering are in bud. The grass is getting green. Spring is springing.

Emily got a pet last week. I reluctantly agreed to it. I'm always the bad guy, so I just said yes. Here's a picture of Pica the chinchilla. He lived with us for 3 nights. His cage and supplies are on Craigslist. He was a very cute poop machine.

Em imitating Pica

Well, it's time to move on. Walmart for thistle, then home sweet home.

Happy Monday!


attic is empty said...

What do you mean he lived with you for three days? Keep moving forward my friend

SOUL: said...

ya-- where is he now? why only three days--- those things-- any rodent-- is hard work-- more than it's worth i always say. besides that-- they smell bad.
soulkid has wanted a ferret for years-- but nooo way-- they smell awful.
then she says she wants a sugar-glider---also a no.

anyhow-- nice pics of the fam-- and the spring springing. you always have good pix-- but wheres the feet--and the hammock?

sorry to hear about the knee and shoulder probs-- definitely not problems to be dealing with in your line of work. i hope you find relief and soon!

i just got back from the needle man... steroid shots in my neck. i didn't feel a thing tho-- i got to be sedated. just the way i like it.

anyhow-- i hope you do have a happy day-- and spend some quality time with the child. man they grow so fast.

me and mine spent a day together a few days ago-- food, movie, some talk-- she actually spoke to me. bwa hahahahah. :))
shocked aren't ya?

anyhow-- i must go--
will catch you latah-

kristi said...

Great shots! I posted photos on my blog of hubs' family reunion.

Kathy said...

Different phases of life bring with them different adjustments. You'll find yourself.
Loved the family photos and the dessert! the gefilte fish---not so much.

happyone said...

Great to see all the photos.
I'll be home all day if you want to stop by. :-)

Cindy said...

We had a hamster that made it a month, he escaped almost as many times as we had him in days. He ate up about 6 pairs of shoes, he was 'lost' for 3 days. I was so glad to get an agreement from son and hubby that he needed to go live elsewhere. He was quite the houdini in his cage. Always found a way out no matter what! Off to look up sugar glider, never heard of that before.

josie2shoes said...

Loved the family pics! Didn't like hearing about the knee and shoulder. I hope you get them looked at so you'll be up to speed by gardening time. There is nothing I dislike more than things holding me back from what I enjoy doing. Having more alone time now that Emily is growing up means it's time for you to think about some new ways to add interaction to your life. We get restless when it's time to grow in a new direction! :-) How about a fun class of some kind?

fiwa said...

I think you have the "between seasons blues". I bet you'll feel better when spring really sets in. Well - and I hope you can find some relief for your shoulder and knee - chronic pain certainly can make you feel depressed.

I'm glad you had a good visit with your family. I hope you find something nice to do today.



how come three days? Did he take off or did he go to Em's dads?
Poor Pica..if he's left for better world, I'm glad he had you two ladies for the last few days of his life.

THE FISH! ACK! I agree, I love the cake better--was it made with flour and wheat? :) Or was it kosher for Passover? :)

Hope you're feeling a bit better today. I've heard of bakers cysts before..owie. :(

Brad said...

Well I'm confused but I'm sure you'll tell us what's up with Pica soon - What really confuses me is thistle from wallmart. Huh???

great pics - That last one of Em looks like some strange yoaga position! cute!

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