15 December 2007

Howdy friends!

The day is flying by. Work was fine. I had one major cough attack, the kind where you have to run to the bathroom to cough so you won't scare anyone and when you're done your eyes are all red and watering? I got over it and knock on wood, I haven't coughed once since. Now I'm high on adrenaline. I've got over 2 hours before the party and every thing is in place. Serving pieces, platters, chairs, flowers, etc...in place. Timer on to start the oven. Sterno in place. Oh, the music. I need to get that ready. I took time out to do something I enjoy and that Emily couldn't believe. Here's a pic:

Yes, I tied a tag around each of the 24 wine glasses, circled the opening with red glitter glue and cut off the ends of the strings. I found it calming to stand there and do that. Then I rushed around doing other things.

In two hours my house will be full to the brim. I can't wait! I think I'll go downstairs and take some pictures. Then do the music, then my make-up, then...?

So I still have a husky voice. Sexy some might say but there won't be any single men around tonight except two neighbors and they're not my type. I think I'll take some Sudafed and Motrin now and I should be fine.

If you all lived closer, I'd invite you over. I will post pictures. BTW, thanks for all your well wishes. It means a lot.


bonnie said...

I'm excited, Cheryl. I'm getting ready now to finish the prep on my dessert. Just got back from shopping for a top to wear. I couldn't find shoes so that narrows my alternatives. I'm hungry. See you soon.

Andrew said...

This sounds so cool! Be sure to fill us in tonight and how it went. I just looked at your forecast and they are predicting a light wintry mix so it shouldn't put a damper on your party. Take care Cheryl and most of all... have fun!

SOUL said...

i'm comin over to crash your party!!!!!

fiwa said...

Have fun Cheryl - looking forward to seeing your pictures.

Billy said...

Cheryl! I hope you had an amazing night. Now it's time for rest and relaxation. Can't wait to hear how it went. Knowing you, I bet you were quite the hostess!

Moohaa said...

I can't wait to hear how it went! I'm glad it seems your cough is getting better, that's fabulous. You are so stinkin crafty with the wine glasses, it's amazing. Such patience.

Show us some pics when you can!!

jAMiE said...

I hope you and your guests had a lovely time...looking forward to seeing your pics and hearing all about it.

Feel better soon!

Jamie said...

I just know everything was PERFECT. I hope that you had fun, too. I want to know every last detail. :)

SpringMist said...

I bet the party was great! If we bloggers were living closer to ya, we probably would have finished all ur food! Hope u are feeling better today. I found more hot drinks like coffee to be a bit relieving for a bad throat.
Good morning to ya.

Lena said...

Love the tags on the glasses!! I just know the party was a big hit!

Hope you can rest up today.

Happyone said...

Hope all went well at your party.
Sounds like you had everything planned perfectly.

Gin said...

I hope your party was a smashing success. I'll be watching for the photos!

Hope you're feeling better.


Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Hope the party went well. Let's see some pics.

So you have one of those smokey jazz lounge singer's voices eh?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the pictures. I'm sure everyone had a wonderful time!

A Slice of Life

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

you are just too cute!!!

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