22 December 2007

Update...seriously tired here. The lattes wore off way too fast. It has been a long time since I drank it, and I've had a Coronita since then. The baked ziti is cooled, as is the cake, and I have 2 lasagnas in the oven. I'm tempted to frost the cake, but can do that tomorrow while the bread is rising. I am so glad I did all this cooking tonight instead of tomorrow. Everything always takes longer than you expect, and I don't want to be cooking while my family is here.

Last year I had my family over for New Year's day dinner. I made some fancy Martha Stewart meatloaf recipe that had a zillion steps. I had to go to three grocery stores to find the right meatloaf blend. I think the topping had carmalized red onions with bacon and who knows what else. It took forever to assemble. Then I made some Lipton's oven roasted potatoes that were supposed to cook for 40 minutes and would not brown or get crisp. I don't remember what else I made, but I was a slave to that kitchen. The meatloaf was so greasy. It was just a disaster, at least to me, and I was exhausted. That's why I wanted to make everything that I could tonight. Tomorrow I'll make the Rosemary focaccia bread, frost the cake and make the hot artichoke dip. I'll be serving Trader Joe's frozen Brittany blend vegetables and a salad along with the ziti, lasagna, and bread. We'll have the cake for dessert. And I'll relax. Afterwards.

So, I'm done in the kitchen for tonight. And glad. So ladeda.


Moohaa said...

You are an amazing hostess. Seriously impressive. I am so useless in the kitchen, my guests would be disappointed. I hope you enjoy your time off and make sure you get lots of rest!

Merry Christmas, friend! Oh and thank you for the card, it is GORGEOUS. I'm actually keeping it after the holiday so I can try making some!!

captain corky said...

Did somebody say Baked Ziti? It's only 10 hour ride from here to you. If you let me come over and eat some Ziti I promise to chew with my mouth closed. ;)

Merry Christmas Cheryl, and always be sure to drink your Ovaltine.

dawn said...

well, i think i diagnosed the problem.
you had one coronita. baby beers are just plain sad.

xoxoxoxo to you & emily.
rock it in the kitchen like a freaking rockstar, baby. when it isn't fun, walk away.

Billy said...

I swear woman, you kick butt when it comes to the party scene. Everything sounds wonderful and I am sure your family is going to love it. Will you be able to show us some pictures of the food and desserts you prepared? Hope Emily is having fun on Christmas break. Have a wonderful Sunday Cheryl!

Jamie said...

Holy crap. No wonder you are tired. I want to be in your family. Any way we can work that out? Have a wonderful day today!

Lena said...

It sounds like it will be a wonderful dinner party! I can only echo the above comments, I am so impressed by you, and also inspired.

Merry Christmas to you and Emily! It has been a pleasure getting to know both of you these past couple of months.

Best Wishes,

Happyone said...

Everything sounds wonderful! Its always nice to be able to do a lot the day before so you can actually enjoy the day.
Have a great day with your family.

Jay said...

Mmmmmmmmm lasagna!

You're just a party animal during the Christmas season! LOL

heiresschild said...

Cheryl, you are truly "the hostest with the mostest!" do i hear a "Cheryl cooking show" in the future? lol i know it'll be an enjoyable day for all today.

Mary said...

Good plan to cook-ahead. You are so together and organized. Your party will be the usual success. Rest while you can.

Rick Rockhill said...

Cheryl- I can practically smell your cookin' from here. Actually I thought of you yesterday when I was getting my hair cut and wondered how exhausted you probably were at the moment. Hope you take at least a moment for yourself! Merry Christmas

Terroni said...

Hot artichoke dip you say?
What time should I be there?

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

you make me smile!
Merry Almost Christmas!
you must be soo excited!

Esmerelda said...

holy CRAP!

You're awesome. Can I have some bread lessons? there is smoething I'm trying to make, but I keep getting the bread WRONG!

Dave said...

Nothing worse than cooking at the last minute... Glad you are done for now in the kitchen! Have a great Holiday season! :-)

Gin said...

Wow, you're a cooking whirlwind! You picked the best way to go, tho! And it sounds like a yummmmy meal!

Have a great holiday,

jAMiE said...

Wow, like everyone i am in awe of you and your hostess abilities...i hope you had a wonderful time. The food sounds yummy too!

Cheryl...i hope you and Emily have a very Merry Christmas!


SOUL said...

that all sounds soooooo yummay!!!
even the greasy meatloaf sounds good :))
merry christmas!

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