27 December 2007

It was good to be out and about today. I was home till about noon. I finished writing all my thank you notes. About 50 of them. I started last night, and it wasn't hard to do. I don't remember writing thank you's when I was growing up, but I believe it's the right thing to do when you receive a gift. I have a very hard time getting Emily to write them, but she does most of the time. I think it's a lost art.

I went to the mall today to do some returning and exchanging. I breezed through Starbucks, Bath and Body Works, Borders, and Marshalls. Then I got stuck in Macy's. I picked up a bunch of wonderful, vintage-looking Christmas ornaments that were 75% off. I found a few baby outfits for a friend who just gave birth. Then...I couldn't find a register that had a salesperson, or that didn't have a super long line. I waited in one for about 10 minutes but the cashier was having a hard time and seemed very clueless and just plain confused, like she'd never done this job before. I left that line. I finally got out of there, but it probably took a good 45 minutes to check out. When I was leaving through Lord and Taylor's, I saw a beautiful feather tree, all white, stripped of it's ornaments. It was a display tree. The tag said $450. My mind was saying I Want It! I asked one of the associates if she could find out the sale price, and she took my name and number and said she'd call. I got a call as soon as I got home and was told it was $125, and that I could use a coupon. Oh, I was tempted to turn around and get it. I told Emily about it when she got home, and she convinced me not to. She said, you can hardly sit on our deck chairs; the seats are tearing. She said, you want living room furniture. Even though the tree was affordable, and even though I still really want it, she's right. I don't need another tree here. She doesn't know about the ornaments, but they were really cheap. Funny that I have to hide it from my daughter.

I got a big section of my basement put back together. I'd just been putting things anywhere on the floor instead of putting them away in their proper place. The Christmas side of the basement...forget that. It's terrible and will stay that way at least for a few more days.

Tomorrow is a work day; the first in a while. It's been a good, long break. And I only have to work two days then I'm off again. How strange! But good. Emily leaves in the morning for NYC with her dad and step-mom. They'll stay for a few days and celebrate Christmas with his side of the family. I miss his family.


Mo said...

Wow! You had quite the day.

I too believe in the thank you note. I wish more people did.

Did you make yours?

Summer said...

That's a wonderful sentiment to miss his family. It makes me a little sad.

Jay said...

50 thank you notes???

That would take me a while to do. My handwriting is really bad anyway. I can only imagine how bad it would be about half-way through that many thank you notes!

Billy said...

Our dear friend Dave is going through a tough time. Just thought you would want to know.

I love going to see the sales after Christmas, but the lines I can do without! Have a wonderful weekend!

Dave said...

Shopping after Christmas... You ARE brave! ;-) have a Happy New Year Cheryl!

fiwa said...

The feather tree would have tempted me too! But good for you for holding out, new furniture is way more exciting. I'm wanting some new chairs, but I haven't managed to save anything towards them yet.

Glad you had such a good long break, and hey, two days is nothing. They'll be over with before you know it. I bet the days before New Years Eve must be a little crazy though - with everyone wanting new do's for the big night?

Lena said...

I miss my ex-sister in law, too.

That is sort of funny to hide the ornaments from Emily. I so get that.

I am enjoying my long break, too!

heiresschild said...

i believe in thank you cards/notes also. great etiquette!

you exercised good discipline about the feather tree. at that price, i'm not sure if i would have.

Jamie said...

A feather tree, that sounds pretty cool! I have never seen one..

I think it's pretty sad that you miss your ex's family. I miss my ex's too, sometimes. I know what you mean.

Have a great day at work today!

Only two days back then you are off again? I'm jealous.


beachgirl said...

Hi Cheryl,
I do Thank You cards also. And I make sure my children send them also. It's important.
I have just been going to the beach and the gym. Staying out of trouble. The beaches are packed with people from up north. It's been gorgeous.
I try very hard not to show my daughter what I buy also. Then I don't have to hear about why I didn't buy her something or take her with me. ;-}

Have a great day back to work.

Happy New Year.

SOUL said...

i have worked and worked to get my kid to do thank you notes for birthdays and christmas--for years--- i all but sign the darn things for her--still, i find them stamped addressed, and blank, months later. and she wonders why her christmas moneys from ppl has dwindled to her own parents. hmmmm.

and i have to say-- i love the mindset of your daughter on the priority of a tree that would sit for a year, vs. something you need and could use right away instead. how did you do THAT?????

ugh. you have done very well with that girl..you know that right?

hope you have a great day, and find some timje to relax and recover from the rush of the holiday.

Rick Rockhill said...

I'm worn out just reading about your day Cheryl! I admire your manners for writing all those thank you cards!

Happyone said...

I do the thank you notes too, but I've never had to do 50!! at one time. That's a lot of thank you notes.
Hope you day at work goes well.
You have one smart and practical daughter.

Amanda said...

I think even I would go weak at the sight of 75%-off vintage Christmas ornaments. :) Instead they had a 50% off deal for Christmasy sweets... :D

Gin said...

Thank you cards... I always knew you were a classy lady!

I love that you hide things from your daughter! That's so cute!!


captain corky said...

I went to the mall and got a really thick sweat shirt at Old Navy for 50 percent off. The lines were a bit crazy, but that place is a machine so I was out pretty fast. I heart gift cards.

heiresschild said...

hi Cheryl, i came for your new post, but being back at work after being off so many days must be kicking your butt and you're too tired to type! *lol* today will probably be a madhouse as people want to get their hair done for New Year's Eve. have a great day!

Martha said...

I agree that thank-you notes are a lost art. My husband and I are fanatical about it though, and my daughter, who has learned how to print her own name, is very excited about helping us.

Brad said...

I wished I could do thank you notes but I have the hand writing of a serial killer - it would scare the adults not too mention giving nightmares to the kids. And I know enough too appreciate type written notes won't do - What's a poor sod too do ? Can I send an inky thumb print made into a smiley face ?

Anonymous said...

i hope using the "butt" word wasn't offensive. i was just making a joke because i'm used to a new post from you every day and i knew you had just gone back to work after being off a few days. no offense intended.

Moohaa said...

We also do thank you notes. I want my boys to learn manners early. It will be appreciated as they grow up.

I hear you on the long lines. I was in a Wal Mart line for 45 minutes... at midnight. Ugh.

jAMiE said...

I think you are wonderful for sending thank you notes...a lost art, indeed.

Enjoy your the weekend!

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