27 August 2008

I almost hate posting when I'm so far behind in reading. Know what I mean?

So...the Botox. I'm really happy with it! I had a headache for a few days but I think that was unusual. It wasn't anything I couldn't handle. The horizontal lines on my forehead are gone. My brows are definitely lifted, which in turn lifted my eyelids. My crack is much smoothed out, but not erased. Linda, the PA doing the work, agreed with her first prediction: I'd need a little filler there. The rep from the company that supplies one of her fillers, Restylane, will be back on the 18th, and I have an appointment to have my "nasolabial folds" filled. Sounds kinky, huh? They're the creases that run from the sides of your nostrils to your mouth. Mine aren't bad, but it's the only time in my life that I'm going to have the opportunity to have it done at no cost, so, I'm game. I'm going to be brave. I've seen the results on four of my co-workers, and they've looked instantly better and said it didn't hurt. The attitude of my co-workers on having cosmetic work done is mixed. Some would never have anything done, others say bring it on. I want to promote the services to my clients that are interested, so I have to know what I'm talking about, right? Everyone in my salon thinks my face look more open, more bright. It's subtle, but noticeable to me. Will I do it again? It depends on the price. I can see how it could be addicting. I'm usually told that I look much younger than my years, but who doesn't want to look even younger? Or, shall I say, refreshed?


fiwa said...

Wha? No picture?

I didn't know it could give you a headache. I'm glad you are happy with it. I'd probably have my 1 fixed (I only have half of an 11) if I had extra moola, but it doesn't really bother me that much.

Sleep tight!

Moohaa said...

Do you have before and after pics? I don't know if I'll ever have it done. If I age like my mother, then I'll probably do it. :)

I'm glad you're pleased with the result, cuz honestly, that's what it's all about, YOUR happiness!

jAMiE said...

I agree...i'd love to have some stuff done but generally i'm told i look younger than my years too.

Good for you Cheryl...i hope it's something you'll do for yourself...anything we can do to look younger i say, go for it!

Summer said...

I have one hundred eleven. I need it bad.

Lena said...

I like the term "refreshed", that has a nice ring to it!

I see your point that if you are to promote it, then it helps if you have first hand knowledge.

Glad you like the outcome!

Lena said...
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Brad said...

Hec - if you like the result, go for it!

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