15 August 2008

Today kicked my butt. I breezed through Tuesday and Wednesday. Today wore me out! When it got to what I thought should be the end of the day and I saw I still had two more clients I could have cried. And I was starving. I never rush, though, and eventually the day ended. I'll have to write a real post tomorrow, and read your blogs then too. I'm signing off on this day.

PS...wish Emily luck with field hockey try-outs tomorrow. She's really nervous. Last year they were looking for JV players and she didn't need to try out, so it's her first time trying out for anything. I'm sure she'll do fine.


Gin said...

Hope you get some rest! I can't wait to see the Botox stuff! Take care and have a great weekend.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Have a good night, and good luck to Emily.

Moohaa said...

Good luck Emily! Deep breaths and block out everything else.

Rest well, my friend. You deserve it.

Jamie said...

Finally caught up with you...you are like a whirlwind girl...

I remember "those" shopping trips with my daughter when she was Emily's age...ugh. Not the reason we had kids, for sure. But, it sounds like your shopping experience was good, so YEA for you!

Have a great weekend Cheryl. Today is coffee and computer day at Panera or Starbucks or somewhere, right?

Hugs honey.


Happyone said...

Good Luck Emily!!
I hope you make the team!!

Golden To Silver Val said...

GOOD LUCK EMILY!!!! Get some rest, Cheryl. I'm reading The Good House on your recommendation. Half way through it and its GOOD! Thanks!

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