02 August 2008

I will never sleep with my mother again. It was bad enough that I had all that coffee. The girls stayed up late with my laptop. I tried to get them to go to sleep, and finally they powered down. I had my earplugs in, with the AC unit blasting out plenty of white noise. Then my mother's restless leg syndrome kicked in. I swear she jerked every 5-10 seconds. I coulda cried. I was banging on my head I was so utterly frustrated. Waaah! Finally, somehow and sometime in the wee hours I fell asleep. I got up at 7:00, put on my walking clothes and left the motel for a 40 minute frustration fixer. When I got back I told my mom about the night and how it wasn't her fault. I also told her I'd never ever sleep with her again.

It's almost time to wake the sleepy-headed girls. We'll go for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, a real treat. I hate stopping at them on the road because it takes so long to get seated and then eat, but we have lots of time before check in at Myrtle, so time won't be an object. I'm going to have the peach and whipped cream topped pancakes. Hey, I'm on vacation. We'll go to some outlets, then be back on the road. I'm pretty sure it's a little over 3 hours till our destination. Not counting stops. I'm ready for a latte now.


C.A. said...

I'm so glad you had Wi-Fi at the motel!

Being kept awake by a bedpartner is THE WORST and it always seems to happen on vacation. Maybe you can grab a nap after you get to Myrtle?

Are you doing an overnight on the way back, too?

Enjoy your time, Cheryl!



fiwa said...

Oh Cheryl - what an awful night. I sympathize - last year when Clarke and I took our anniversary trip, the bed itself was so awful that I couldn't sleep. I went and sat in armchair in the lobby, just to get out of the freaking bed. I can see how hard it would be to sleep with someone who has RLS.

I hope the worst is behind you and you enjoyed those pancakes.

Wishing you good times and restful days.


Relaxed said...

I too suffer from RLS. I can related to your mother. But since I sleep with a snorer I can relate to you too. Have a wonderful trip. Cracker Barrel has a wonderful breakfast.

Summer said...

I bet you're at the beach right about now.......

Lena said...

My husband is starting with RLS, so I know how that goes!! It is sooo annoying.

Hope you can catch up with your sleep!!

I LOVE Cracker Barrel for Breakfast, too!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I hope your driving went well. I can't imagine sleeping with someone like that. My husband twitches sometimes, but that stops if he rolls over on his side.

I can relatea bit to your tiredness though. My dog is injured and taking medicine that upset his bowels, so guess who woke me up twice to take him out last night? (He know who the "mom" is.)

Summer said...

I had to laugh at your comment on my blog about the wireless and the balcony. For the first time our hotel had wireless offered to the guests, but we ran around the room and outside trying to get a good connection. It was priceless. Finally, JT went down to the front office and sat with the manager. Luckily, he was glad to have him to talk to about video games.


Gin said...

I'm glad you had wireless but sorry about the RLS! Andy has a mild case of that, I'm just sure. He kicks me and leaves me bruised sometimes. I just want to haul off and kick him back...but I don't...I know it's not his fault!

Hope you have a wonderful time.

I had to laugh about your legs not touching that carpet...that's how I am at a hotel...ANY hotel! I never take off my socks!!

It's good to read a fun blog today...I'm trying to find reasons to smile and I got a smile out of your blog...thanks!!

Billy said...

I am just getting caught up. I am a faithful reader, so I am coming all of the way back to where I left off. I like you, family and friends so much! Better get to reading!

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