05 August 2008

It's after 10 AM and I'm not down at the beach. I feel so lazy. Not! I did plant the umbrellas in the sand. The beach chairs weren't in the car, where we've been storing the stuff, so I didn't put them out. It's supposed to be hot, hot, hot here for the next two days. Triple digit hot. The condo has indoor and outdoor pools, so we can refresh there. Our friend is staying in a golf resort community about 5 miles away and it has the largest fresh/saltwater pool in SC. I have no clue what that means but it's a gigantic pool and looks amazing in the pictures. We want to go there today.

So, it's just been lazy here. Out on the beach in the morning. Two umbrellas and a bunch of beach chairs. Our rafts. Spending so much time in the water on the rafts. I don't think I've read more than a few magazine pages. Listening to my mp3 player with a sly smile on my face. The girls have been doing their own things. Walking, tanning (try as I might to get them to stop that), flirting big time. I've set my mom up at the outdoor pool which has an overhanging roof area of shade. She gets a kick out of asking strong young men to help her get into her chair when she needs help. Kelly and I have gotten her down to the beach the last two days. We didn't know that would be possible. Yesterday we had her in a low beach chair with the tide rolling over her legs and my chair umbrella shading her face. She was so happy! She kept saying how great it would be to have a strong man help us. I keep telling her all she needs is the strong women she's got! Right? I left my camera upstairs so no pics from the day. It was a great day on the beach.

Twice my mother has put on my glasses instead of hers and worried that something bad was happening with her vision. She wanted me to write that.

I took my two girls out shopping last night. I'm so done with that. Soul, you can relate, right?

This morning I made Val's Texas Caviar and a big batch of my tuna salad. I'll be making the dinner tonight, I think it's called Chicken Salsa. I'm running to the store for chicken nuggets for the girls.

That's my story for now. I'm sorry I'm so far behind on reading and posting. I hope all is well in your worlds.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Make the most of this vacation time. And don't get too hot!

fiwa said...

Pfft... you are on vacation - forget about reading blogs!

I have done that same thing with my mom's glasses. It's disorienting!

You need to go see that pool at your friends hotel - that sounds great!

Enjoy your day -

Happyone said...

Don't worry about reading blogs and posting!! It's vacation time.

We are supposed to be getting some thunder storms around here later on. Right now it's just cloudy and about 80 degrees.

Hope your enjoying that pool. :-)

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

i miss you..sorry I've been so busy..I feel like I have no time for me.

Btw, I love the blue! what's the name of the actual shade???

Feel the surf and sand!!! :)

Lena said...

Just keeping up with you big strong girls!! Your mom is so funny! How great you got her down to the beach. Nothing like it.

Take care!

jAMiE said...

Sounds like lots of fun is being had by all...wonderful that you could get your mom down to the beach, i bet she loved it.

Relax..you can catch up on blogs another time...just enjoy!

marykay said...

How fun,your mom is a trip. Get to the other pool, that seems to be the new thing around here salt-water pools. Cool have fun!

Summer said...

Let me know about THAT pool. I've never heard of it.

It sounds like a great time. I hope it is, as good as it sounds. Don't forget your camera tomorrow!

Mary said...

I think the fresh/saltwater pool refers to the method of filtration/purification. No chlorine necessary. Sparkling water.

Your Vacay is going well. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. I'm happy for you.

SOUL said...

mary's so smart-- but she's right-- it had a salt water filter-- much better than chlorine.

anyhow-- oh boy do i know how it is-- but i escaped the worst of the shopping hell on our trip-- i got to tube down the river for three or four hours while soulman took my girl shopping. LOL
now that's livin !!!

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