07 August 2008

I couldn't stop staring at her boobs

We went to Legends in Concert in Surfside Beach last night. Summer, you can skip this one. Yes, it was entertaining. The impersonators: Buddy Holly, The Blues Brothers, George Strait, Dolly Parton and, of course, Elvis. The music was suited for a much older crowd. My mother loved it! It was a good night out, but not as good as the other live entertainment we've seen the other years we've been here. Dolly was very enhanced, and, I thought, an almost clone of the real thing. It was fascinating to watch her. All the entertainers nailed their performances. When the show was over Mom and I walked by the stage to meet the performers. When we got to Elvis, he was posed with a tourist for a picture. My mother grabbed his other arm. I tried to pry it off, saying, MOM! they're trying to take a picture. Get your hand off. She just wouldn't! So, they took a picture with her hand on his arm. Then I took this picture:

Does she look happy or what? As we were walking away she told me that when we first got to Elvis she lost her balance and was holding on to him to hold her up. OH! That explained the death grip. Too funny! The guy had a great voice but does not look like The King.

I've been sleeping like a log here; till almost 8:00 every morning. That's been wonderful. I wake up and put on my bathing suit, then set up the two umbrellas and chairs on the beach. I come up and make my mom breakfast, have my coffee, etc., then go down. I stay in my bathing suit till it's time to come in for the day. I have no clue how I can spend so many hours on the beach, but can't wait to do it again. I just went out on the balcony to take a picture of the beach. Our umbrellas are the ones closest to the water in the center of the picture.

This is low tide. As the day goes on we'll move our umbrellas and chairs further and further out. My shoulders actually hurt from screwing in the anchor that holds the umbrellas.

I haven't done any walking or exercising of any kind, and I don't feel guilty. So there.

Well, it's time to get to work. Yeah, right...I'm on vacation! I do have to get my mom in her bathing suit and down to the pool. Then I'm out of here.


Jenny said...

Awwww! What a great time you are having! I want to get over to the beach before summer is over. It looks so wonderful. I'm glad you're having a good vacation in our fair state, Cheryl. That woman really does look like Dolly! Amazing!

fiwa said...

dear lord those are big! And she's in hot pink too. She really does look like Dolly though- except for the eyes. That Elvis dude looks nothing like The King.

Girl, I hope you enjoy every second of your do-nothing-on-the-beach vacation. Be bad. Eat bad stuff. I am so enjoying your posts - I'm living vicariously through you.

Brad said...

That's one good Dolly Parton. I had to sit and look at it for more than a minute trying to find a flaw and I can't find one. How the tan coming ? Do we get to see a tan line ? Have fun !

Jay said...

They have a Legends in Concert group up in Branson too. I've seen them on local TV, but haven't gone to the show. They're pretty good from what I've seen.

beachgirl said...

Dolly is huge for sure. Wow.
I'm happy your having such a great time. I am going to the beach tomorrow for sure. After being cooped up for 4 days in school, I need sunshine.

Lena said...

Concert sounded like lots of fun. I saw an Elvis impersonator once who looked just like him and it was sort of scary.

Dolly is an amazing look a like.

So nice you are having such a great time and I am not one bit tired of your vacation!!!

Jamie said...

Great picture, your mom is such a pretty lady!

I love the beach pics, too. It really does look like heaven. I'll bet you are getting so dark...I want to get in the water SOMEWHERE so bad!

Sleeping 'til eight is awesome...you enjoy every minute of it...you certainly have earned it.



Summer said...

The Elvis dude I saw looked just like him and sounded like him too. It was hard to get my eyes and brain to work together that night. We also saw Michael and Janet Jackson. Michael was the best. It was just so creepy.

I love your beach pictures and when I was on vacation I did exactly what you're doing. I needed the rest and relaxation.

I see it's raining there tonight.

Portia said...

Your mom does look happy! That is an adorable picture:)

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