22 August 2008

Thought it was time for a new profile picture. See those curly q's? The older I get, the curlier I am. It's really kind of fun.

Here's my Tuesday flowers. I just love them. So colorful and tall.

These flowers will be 4 weeks old on Tuesday. Is that crazy or what? I think they might be petrified.

Bedtime for me. Over and out!


Gin said...

Gorgeous flowers! That kind of flower (can't remember the name) are really kick-ass when it comes to lasting!!

Cheryl, you have the most beautiful brown eyes!!!

Have a great weekend!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love your new photo. And you're right. Those flowers are amazing.

Have a good night.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair! How beautiful!
I'm sorry you're having a rough time right now, but its the way teens are. Its almost like they are another species....and its NOT fair. They finally straighten up and act human again around the age of 22. I wish someone could figure them out and give us all advice on how to live through these terrible years. Just remember....all the morals you've instilled are still there deep down and she will be guided by them....honest...she will.
Big hugs.

Julius said...

That is a great profile picture and I know what you mean about the hair, I swear the perm fairy has paid me a visit.

The flower pictures are great too.

Summer said...

You have beautiful hair. I'm jealous! BTW..how did the botox turn out? Looks good from the picture!

I had a bit of a rough spell with my oldest when he was a teenager and the problem still rears it's ugly head from time to time and he's 27.

Why didn't we get instructions with them?

bonnie said...

I had the same reaction as summer. I went straight for the botox question and you know, I never "noticed" when I saw you so you know it looks good. Even though the profile picture shows so little of you, it seems to capture all of you. Strange. Great post. I love your pictures.

Lena said...

Love the picture and I Love the curls.

Flowers just brighten up a day. I try to keep them on my desk at work now, inspired by you.

Billy said...

Wow. I can't believe they are 4 weeks old and still look so pretty. It's amazing how flowers will last if they are taken care of. Very pretty.

Mo said...

Your curls are fab!

Make my flowers last that long....please and thank you.

fiwa said...

Hope you're hanging in there. Email me if you need to talk - I'm always around - even on the weekends.

I love your hair - your curls are so pretty and smooth. I have to tell you, I tried using a different shampoo because I ran out of the no poo... oh good lord, my hair looks awful! It's so dry now! I gotta get some more no poo. I just wish the salons around here carried it! My hair says thank you to you, and bad girl to me, for running out of the good stuff.

I love your flowers. Enjoy your weekend -


Rick Rockhill said...

Those Antherium (sp?) are very long lasting flowers. The best bargin at the grocery store florist.

jAMiE said...

Wow i can't believe those flowers have lasted that long...and still look so pretty.

I love your new pic and someone else said it but i'll say it too, you have beautiful brown eyes.

Happy Monday!

Portia said...

FOUR weeks? Is this a trick? ;)

I love your new picture!

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