18 October 2008

Change of heart, or something like that

Today was SO much better. A great mix of clients. I had a cancellation during the slot that a color client was processing, which means no money but I needed the down time. My color client had an hour booking for her haircut. We knew beforehand she was going into a totally new cut and I wanted the extra time. She had pictures of an old haircut, and the transformation into her new look was just fantastic. We were both thrilled. The day sped by, and though I got out late, it was OK. I headed to Borders, where the barista knows my drink of choice. I sat with an iPhone magazine, checking out apps. I looked up the recommended ones on my phone. Browsed my 'social networking' sites, checked e-mail, etc... Happy. I left there hungry, thinking I'd go over to my Saturday night haunts, but on the way made a decision to go to Savage Mills to check out my favorite stamping store. I ran into a neighbor there and we gabbed for a while. I decided to go to Ram's Head Tavern to get their Fish Tacos to go. Thought I'd bring them to Starbucks and eat while hanging out. The bartender asked if I liked Bloody Marys, that he made two spicy ones instead of mild, and they'd be free. I knew I had an empty stomach, so decided I'd eat at the bar and have a drink. I called Happyone to tell her about a stamping class, and the next thing I knew, she was sitting next to me at the bar. She had a Guiness and we had a visit. I made it through half of the second Bloody Mary but thought that was enough since I had to drive. And drive I did, right over to the Starbucks where I'm at right now. I'm lucky, I guess, that I'm alright with doing things by myself. I'd rather be blogging remotely than while sitting on my sofa. Right now it's just me and the two Starbucks employees. Cozy.


Mo said...

Glad you had a better day today.

The doing things by yourself thing is something I am ok with doing too.

But sitting on my sofa and blogging versus being out and about is more my cup of tea, at least during the fall that is.

Find me a coffee shop that plays my football games of choice and I may change my tune.

Be well my friend.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I wish so much that you and I could hang out---your independence is respected! I just wish we could meet up and hang out and sip coffee (enough so that I could swallow my showstopperdownthereback there pill. ") thinking of you.

I do hear sadness though in the back of your post--and the only reason I'm saying this is because I care about you and want to be there to chat. :) not because of anything else, the rest is all privately yours and I am here for you whenever, however..facing booking,..reading, reciping. :)

(one glass of wine tonight,.I guess I am bui!)


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

P.S. Start your Christmas List--

Trust me, Since you love this holiday...start what would be your ideal gift giving--it can be anything--
I remember those dreaming nights thinking up my christmas list, and the emotions and sometimes it's just good to get back intuned to our old growing emotions for ourselves regardless of anything else going on...nice to remember how we got to the now..

Okay..one glass and I already seem silly? LIGHTWEIGHT! :0)

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Ladeda!!! Take a break and get some well needed rest.

Mary said...

I was single for 15 years before I married Harry. During that time I did learn to do things by myself but it took a while. Independence is a wonderful gift.

Glad this day was better. Geez, I wish you were close enough for me to make a hair appointment for a new "do" Mary is a good stylist but she tends to impose her ideas instead of mine. I just can't complain because she's soo sweet and really does a good job.

Enjopy your time away from work.

Summer said...

I'm so happy that your day was better.

KathyA said...

I'm glad you had a better day, too. You really are a lot stronger than you believe.
I , too, enjoy my own company. I think being out also changes my perspective about things, although I really love cold (in the low 40's), rainy days in front of a fire with my books.

Jamie said...

You do sound better, but like you said at some point here - "things are good until they aren't". Isn't it amazing how frustrating our lives have been of late? Not just yours or mine, but everyone here, it seems...I blamed it on the moon at one point, then the moon changed and everything else did not. I guess it's just the times we live in. Hell, I suppose, we just take the good moments and REALLY hang on to them, as they come so seldom recently. But in my MANY MANY years of living, I have learned that all things cycle, so I am waiting for the UP-SIDE. Hugs, honey. You are a really, really good friend. :)

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