12 October 2008

Willing, but not without complaints

My shoulder is so sore, but like it or not, it's going to be sorer very soon. I don't know why last Wednesday's swim caused me so much pain, but it did. Then all the stuff I did to prep for the painting...I used my right hand and arm for everything and my shoulder is killing me. But...I'm painting anyway. In a few minutes. I'll pay the price later.

So, while I'm procrastinating, I'll put up a few Homecoming pics. Then I'm really getting started. Soon I'll be posting pictures of my new green rooms.


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

beautiful!!! Don't mess up your shoulder-you need it to work little lady!! Your elves on shelves want you in prime shape for the soon to be decorating of Christmas!

How'd you sleep last night? :)
thinking of you!

You and your daughter are very very pretty! She had the most colorful and outgoing dress of them all, and if that's any reflection on her personality, well, she's going to be very successful and confident as she grows into a young woman, I just know it!


fiwa said...

They all look so beautiful! So self-assured and grown up. I don't remember having a 10th of that kind of confidence when I was that age. I hope they had a good time!

Rest your shoulder - you don't want to damage it.


Andrew said...

I love boy's hair styles these days. It looks like something off of Little House on the Prairie.

Mo said...

Ahh youth. Takes me back.

I hope she didn't keep you up all night with worry. I remember doing that to my mom...

heiresschild said...

they do all look beautiful. moments to cherish. you and your daughter look like twins.

Brad said...

The girls look great. I have to kid of laugh at the guys. They look like the just stepped out of my yearbook. Same hair, same color shirts, same wide ties. Fashion is truly cyclical.

Gin said...

What sweet pix!! I love fall and homecoming and all that jazz...it reminds me so much of my own high school days...eons ago...LOL

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