13 October 2008

Excitement interuptus

It's been one busy day. I got an early start and headed out to the Panera's by my folks for breakfast and Internet time. Unfortunately the service was down, but that was OK. I took my mom on my errands with me. She stayed in the car reading my People magazine while I ran around. She was happy, I was happy. I must have gone into 7 stores. In and out. I dropped her off afterward and headed to Office Depot. For some reason they sent me a gift card for $60 more than the replacement cost of my old camera. I'm not complaining. I had to order my new camera online. I bought another $40 replacement warranty. Duh. I can't wait to get the new camera. New toy! It's a Canon sd870IS. It got the best reviews on cnet.com. I decided that today would be the day I'd finally buy the iPhone. I've been contemplating it forever. You probably remember that. I found I could cancel my AT&T cell plan, join my parents plan, and have my fee, including the data plan for the iPhone, be the same as what I was already paying. If I bought the iPhone on my own plan it would be an additional $35 per month. So, I did it. Bought the phone. Was told it would take about an hour to activate. It's been about 5 1/2 hours and still no service. Can I say WAH? Wah, wah. I spoke to AT&T and they apologized, saying it was just taking longer than expected to activate. If it's not working in the morning I have to go back to the store and perhaps get a new phone. Excitement interuptus.

Emily called in the afternoon to inform me we were hosting the team dinner. No time to cook; no notice. So, I spent a fortune on pizza for 15. I guess the girls are real hungry after practice. This is the last week of field hockey. Two more games playing the number 3 and number 2 teams in the county. The season went by way too fast. Emily wants to do indoor winter field hockey, and I'm all for that.

Thanks for the suggestions on my cocoa/green corner. I'll let you know what I decide. For now, I'm resting.

Ginnie...I'm reading Still Life with Chickens. What a great little book. I'm ready to call it a night and get in bed and read. I'll catch up with you guys soon. Till then...


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I hope your phone is working soon.

Brad said...

There's nothing worse than having a new toy you can't play with yet...grrr -

Will you post from your phone when it's working ?

bonnie said...

Wow. I'm impressed and of course jealous. How did you get such a good deal on the phone plan? I also like your wonderful profile picture. It's happy! And huh? What's with the new camera? Now we'll be different. But I still love my camera. It works fine. Weird how fast the weekend disappeared.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

rest and then let us know! :)

So, if I put you in charge of deals, will you help me with that iphone deal? :)


Gin said...

I'm so glad you're reading the book. I thought it was sweet!!

Get that iPhone going girl...you're going to love it, I guarantee!!! I can't wait to hear what you think of it. I have a million little tips for you when you get it going! Things I never knew my phone would do.

kristi said...

Pizza for 15 girls?? Wowza!

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