06 October 2008

I feel like I shouldn't write since I'm so far behind on reading blogs. So, I'll just write a little.

I got a lot of paperwork done this morning. It takes up a lot of time, you know? I went to the counselor in the afternoon with my ex. It was really great! Productive. She's a perfect fit. I caulked when I got home, then did some gardening clean up. Had a solitary shrimp dinner while Em was at a team dinner. And here I am. I've been doing Facebook stuff. Laundry. The DVR is filling up with shows I don't watch. Blogs are not being read. Neither are the newspapers. Ladeda.

I'm going to the pool before work tomorrow. I'm excited!



Brad said...

It's not a potliuck darling - you can read, even if you didn't bring a dish! -

Glad to hear you like the counselor - and the Ex went too! that is cool.

Rainy & yucky here - up next is a wind storm tonight!


Lena said...

I think it is great you have the support of your ex with the counselor!

Billy said...

Do what you can. Lifes too short to worry about what you aren't getting done. The shrimp sounds good.

fiwa said...

Amen to what Brad said and the reverse is true too. You can write when and whatever you want, it's your own blog. Read when you have time and when you can enjoy it - don't make it a chore.

I feel for you on the painting, I HATE painting and I hate taping. I'll have to post a picture of my bathroom for you. I painted it a copper color that I HATEHATEHATE, so I started painting over it with white but stopped halfway through a wall. It's purty. ;) Purty bad, that is.

Glad Em had a good birthday and you had a good session with the counselor.

Take care of you!
Hugs -

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Paperwork does take forever, and I'm glad you're catching up on it. I wish I was. LOL

Summer said...

You made me smile with this post.

I want you to do what makes you happy!

happyone said...

Glad you like your counselor!
Tomorrow when you're swimming I hope to be mowing my lawn.
Enjoy your swim!

Mary said...

A good counselor can do wonders. I'm glad to know that Em's dad is participating. Sometimes sessions are NOT easy.

I feel for you with the painting. I need to paint the third guest room before Judy and her family get here for Thanksgiving. Her hubby is a Long Island native and he is going to be in for a red-neck shocker when he gets here and sees a bare bathroom subfloor with scatter rugs on it. At least their bath is in perfect order. The messes I can get myself into are not to be believed.

Gin said...

Brad cracks me up!!

I'm excited too...I've decided to join the "Y". Then I can swim 3-4 days a week between my bus routes!! Andy said he wouldn't mind so I'd go as soon as I get off my bus in the morning about 9am and then swim and workout until 11am or so and be home to spend a couple hours with Andy before I go back to work. I can't wait to swim!!! I even ordered one of those waterproof iPod holders so I can have my music or a book on tape to listen to while I swim!!

Thanks for helping inspire me!!!

Jenny said...

You mean you ate only ONE shrimp? LOLOLOLOL :-)

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