09 October 2008

I spent some time this morning working on titles for this post. Not that my template allows titles. What's up with that anyway? I hate looking at my post in Reader and seeing "no title". I want a title. I have titles in mind.

Now I forgot the titles I was thinking about. Cause that was a long time ago. I woke up early and went to work on taping. I got the whole kitchen taped yesterday before work. It took forever to tape the hallway and the bathroom. When it was completed I realized I'd be a fool to paint today. My shoulder is so sore from swimming and from taping. So, as much as I wanted to work, I'm walking away from it all until Sunday. No swimming either. I way overdid it on Wednesday and I'm still paying the price.

A work in progress

See the cabinet door peeking out? I took it off cause I'm so anal.

I wish I weren't so driven to do a perfect job. That I could paint without taping. Without sanding and caulking. Without making it into such a big deal. I'm driving myself crazy. I just called my painter friend to ask if I really had to wait 8 hours for the first coat to dry like the paint can says. Woohoo, I don't. And I can leave the same tape on. Yeah! I usually retape. I know, I know. He said he'd hire me part time. Ha ha. Not on your life. And after all this, am I sure I'm going to love the color? Um, no. But I'm keeping it no matter what.

We're going to the relatives in a little while to celebrate Yom Kipper. They're all fasting, I'm eating Trader Joe's dark chocolate. Yeah, I know.


fiwa said...

I think the title-no title thing is actually an option in your settings. I'll fool around on mine and see if I can find it.

I still love the color. Retaping is a little over the top - but the rest just means you're doing it right the first time.


fiwa said...

I was right - it's an option.
From your blog click the customize link on the top right. Then click settings, click on formatting, scroll down and one of the options is "Show Title Field". Make sure that says yes.

happyone said...

Wow, you are so good about taping. That does make it a lot easier to paint.
I'm one that never bothers with the taping and I'm always sorry I didn't.
It is pretty hard to tape in an old house like mine because the walls aren't straight and we have the old lathe and plaster.
I like the color and think it will look really nice.

Brad said...

It sounds like you have the hardest parts done. (taping) The actual painting should go pretty quick - fingers crossed!

Moohaa said...

Even after 15 years in the business, taping still makes Roger achy, so no surprise that you're hurting. I'm glad you found the title option! I've always wondered why you didn't have titles. LOL Welcome to the world of titles!!

Thanks to Fiwa!!

Martha said...

I actually love painting. For me, it's kind of soothing--I realize how incredibly strange that sounds, but it's true. When my husband and I bought our house, I was pregnant, so I couldn't help with the painting, but almost all the painting that's been done since has been done by...kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom. And I'm hoping to get the front hallway done before Halloween and the living room done before Christmas.

Gin said...

It's going to look great when you're done!!

Summer said...

I have to do the baby's room and the kitchen next. Blech!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

don't feel bad, I eat some golden oreo's--and in front of Brian too!
Real nice, huh?

Love the darker shade of green..

maybe you could involve Em in the process some how...might be a project you look back on someday and laugh with her about.

Beautiful colors!!!


Jenny said...

Girl, I do not know what I'd do without my titles. I enjoy writing the titles as much as I enjoy writing the post, and sometimes I think of a title and like it so much, I come up with a post to go with it!

It's how I roll. And now you can too. You're gonna love it.

As for the painting, you remind me of my daughter Erica. She is very meticulous, like you -- but the end result is so beautiful, it's more than worth it. And my motto is, if you don't do it right the first time, where will you find the time to do it over?

High standards are good. Love your color choices too!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

You're sure you don't want to come paint my house?

heiresschild said...

i like titles too, and i'm like you in that i want everything just right. kind of like goldilocks in The Three Bears--just right.

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