14 May 2009

Don't call me lazy, and other stuff

Today I felt like my old self. Non-stop and happy. I breezed through the mammogram. Went to Sam's club to get pictures printed. Went to Walmart for another 10 bags of mulch and Preen and Weed n' Feed. Went back to Sam's to pick up the pics. Drove to Emily's school to bring her something she forgot. Planted all my annuals in the big garden. Picked Emily up from school, brought her home to change and eat, and drove her to work. Then I came home and started working on my side garden. Raked the soil, shoveled out the extra, graded it. Put down 7 bags of mulch. Planted annuals in one area of it. Whew. I still have more buying and planting to do but I'm so happy I got so much accomplished today. I just got in the house and have 30 minutes till I pick Emily up from work. I'm pretty exhausted and starving (I had a slice of pizza sometime today. That's it). I have a rib-eye steak ready to pan fry. I don't remember the last time I bought a steak. The potatoes are poked and ready for the microwave. The broccoli is in a dish and also ready for the microwave. Butter and sour cream on the counter. Will I be able to wait? Emily gets one free thing when she gets off of work. Frozen custard before dinner, what a concept. I always tell her she has to be hungry for dinner. Then again, I might be eating alone.

A neighbor was outside in his yard for most of the day. He came over and talked and talked. I asked some questions about my deck, my garage door, my roof, etc. It's hard having a home and not knowing when things need to get done. I had two wheels off the track of my garage door. I knew about one, but not the other. He fixed them. Yeah!

I went to check on the eggs this morning and at first I thought they were gone because all I saw was brown. Then I realized it was a brown duck sitting on her eggs. Later I went to look again but I frightened her and she ran away. When I looked she had laid another egg. Later in the day I looked and she's covering the eggs with stuff so I can no longer tell how many are in there.

Well, we just finished dinner. It was disappointing. Emily doesn't like her steak with any red and it was definitely overcooked. Plus, I put Worcester sauce in the baggie with the raw steak and I didn't like the taste. The potato and brocolli were good but now I have that yucky feeling you get when you're not used to meat. Plus I want ice cream and don't/won't have any.

Here's pictures of what I still have to do in my garden:

This needs mulch and lots of lantana

This needs the old mulch gone, new put in and lots of white impatiens

You can see where the new mulch ends and where it still needs to be put down

So, I still have a lot of work to do, but the biggest part is done

When I was at the imaging center for my mammogram I stopped by the film area to see if I could get a copy of my knee MRI. She asked if I wanted the results too, and I said yes. Then I called my orthopedic office and left a message that I picked up my film and results in case I needed a second opinion, and could they call. The doctor's assistant called back and said, where did you have the MRI done? And you said you have the results? She was clueless. I'm not sure I like this office. She said she'd look to see if the results were faxed and told me she'd call tomorrow afternoon. I have no intention of looking at the images or results. If it's bad I'd just freak myself out, and I'm not a doctor. Now if I were Soul....

Anyway, I'm sitting out on my porch. I was away from the computer all day. It's good to be back in my favorite place doing one of my favorite things. I hoped to see the momma duck come back or a hummingbird at the feeder before I went inside, but it's getting dark and a little cold so I think I'm calling it a day.



happyone said...

Wow you had a busy day - you did enough for two days!!
I did have ice cream tonight - no guilt though - I walked 8 miles today!!

Kathy said...

Glad you're feeling like your old/young self! You did get a lot accomplished!!! I can't believe you didn't look at the results.

Jules said...

I love your spirit, as you well know. Slow down a bit in your head and soul and take it all in. You are living an amazing life. Thank you for bringing us into your world.

Rich said...

One day at a time!


oh how much I would love to pal around with you for an entire day (WEEKS!) just reading about it is relaxing and peaceful no matter how busy..which you definitely are.

thank you for being you.
You are a Proverbs 31 friend. :)

Brad said...

LOL at the Soul comment. Her & Dr. Google.

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