13 May 2009

Just a tiny one

Is it OK to write blog posts when you're behind on reading them? It's always been a dilemma for me.

I had to drive Emily to school this morning and decided to get ready early so I could drive out to Panera's before work. Ahhh. I forgot how much I enjoy the early mornings here. I only wish I could have included a latte into the mix, but not on a workday. I got a granola parfait. It said low-fat organic yogurt. After I ate it I read the nutrition label. 310 calories and 12g fat. It was not worth the calories or fat. I should write into FML. Bummer.

The sun is shining and I'm in a happy mood. Top of the day to you!


fiwa said...

Honey, you can do whatevah. We all go in cycles like that.

Your garden looks so pretty. Isn't it nice to have the mulching all done and out of the way? I personally would be over the moon if a duck had laid eggs in my garden! What's a few plants - you have duckies!

Wish you could have been with us at lunch yesterday.

love -

Brad said...

I always feel a bit guilty about posting when I'm behind reading too- but Fiwa's right - there's not really any rules and it's better than not posting!

happyone said...

Yes, my friend, it's okay to post whenever you want to. :-)
I'll be dropping Taryn off later for work.

Jules said...

And a good day to you too Cheryl! I love reading your blog in the morning. You are always so positive, and my inspiration for the day. No presure :)


Kathy said...

Post when you want to and read when you want!! This is for pleasure, right? What's 'FML?'

Anonymous said...

You are such a positive, happy person and a good Mom. Your blog is so uplifting. I always feel cheered after reading your blog.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for all the positive feedback. I'll have to write more morning posts :))

Cindy said...

I have quite a few that I follow, that way when they update the blog, I see them and read them. Saves me time looking at all of them every day.

Rich said...

Enjoy!! ;)

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