07 May 2009

Thursday stuff

So...the service guy was a girl. With tools and all. I have my new thermostat. I should be fine in the service department for a while.

As you probably know, we've been rained upon. The deck is getting green. The grass is sky high. Everything is lush and tropical. It's been cool but we're in for warmer weather, finally. The rain might stop one of these days. Today I told myself I was getting into the garden no matter what if it wasn't raining. So, I donned the bottom half of this outfit:

Cute, huh? Years ago I was invited to go on a canoeing weekend. I almost drowned on a canoeing weekend and was really nervous, but this time I was going with someone who knew what he was doing. They were calling for rain and he said I should have 'rain gear'. What the heck is rain gear? I went to Walmart or K-Mart and saw these rain outfits. I couldn't imagine this was what he meant. Who would wear that?. I figured rain gear just meant a rain coat and I bought the yellow kind. Lo and behold, it poured the entire trip and guess who was the only one without the proper rain gear? Yup, me. I had on my raincoat and shorts and froze and was soaked. Everyone else had rain pants. We canoed through a full day of rain. We slept in tents that leaked. The second day was canceled. At some point I was back in the store and thought it might be a good idea to buy that set of rain gear. It came in very handy today. The rubberized pants with the snap bottoms weren't fashionable, but boy were they fun. I could sit in the mud of my garden. I had mounds of dirt everywhere from trenching the garden before all the rain, and the mounds needed to be spread out, by hand. Plus I had lots of weeds and pear seedlings to get out. Plus the rain exposed lots of rocks. I was just fine with my rubber pants on. I had on a not-so-fashionable 'fanny pack' strapped around my waist to hold my tunes. Unfortunatley I'm a bit confused by iTunes and most of my music was missing. I love Alison Krauss but was looking for something more lively. Still, it was therapeutic. Eventually I heard thunder, then the skies opened up and I hung out in the garage and watched the rain.

The rain ended and I eyed my mulch, but knew the rain wasn't really over.

I went out and did some weeding in another part of the garden, but then it just got to raining too hard and I gave it up. It was time to get Emily from school and take her to work anyway. I changed my clothes :)

The sun came out in full force then. The streets that weren't flooded dried. I dropped Emily off then went to cut my mom's hair. She didn't look in the mirror, but when she does she'll see I got a little carried away. She won't be needing a haircut for a while. She'll find a nice way to tell me it's short. She wanted to watch Oprah when I was done, so I was outta there.

Next stop, Caribou Coffee. It was cloudy by then but comfortable so I got an outside table. Unfortunately there's Titan Cigar next door, and smokers were enjoying the pleasure of legal outdoor smoking. I had to choose between the stinky cigar smoke and being outdoors, or the clean air of the shop. I chose outdoors. They left after a while. It felt so good to be outside after all the rain we've had.

I picked up Emily from work and we got Chinese carry-out. I just ate a small amount. I'm still 'being good'. I'm hungry too.

Oh, and it's raining again!

So, I signed up for plentyoffish.com, but I don't think it's going to be my 'thing'. What I might be interested in is this site meetingup.com. Check it out. It seems like a place not for dating, but for meeting people with common interests. There's groups for every kind of interest. I need to spend more time checking it out, but I liked what I saw. So, that's where I'm at on that. Nowhere, really.

And that's it for tonight. Later!


Lena said...

Gardening in the rain sounded very therapeutic. The rain didn't spoil you getting things done outside. Good for you.

Good luck with your new Internet sites. They sound interesting.

happyone said...

Sure was good to see some sun today.
I have a pair of rain pants I wear on rainy morning walks. Don't wear them in the summer though to hot!!
You had a busy day.
Hope you new sites work out. :-)


that's neat that you're venturing into a new territory regarding the plenty site...good for you! no matter what comes from it--good for you!!!

your rain gear is a great gardening idea---although I laughed at your story of canoeing..not the first one but the second,.the image of you sitting there in the canoe rain dripping over your hood0---Poor Cheryl. :)

Happy almost weekend!

Kathy said...

Plentyofish.com??? You've got to be kidding me! Such a silly title!
I think the rain gear is cute...

Brad said...

I forgot to tell you - there's a simular program (furnaces) out here. It's different in that when we install a new unit we install a communications component that lets the power utittly 'connect' to your furnace and reduce it's power usage during peak times. So they can basically turn your heat down remotely. You get a large rebate from the utility if you have this thing put in. freaky huh? Big Brother anyone?

ellesu said...

Welcome to my world--hot, humid, and green (if you don't attempt to control the moisture. And....it's not going to get too much better than that down this way anytime soon. But....I did eat my first tomato from my plants today. :) I guess there have to be SOME benefits to living like this.

I've seen more female service people lately. The crew who did our roof was co-led by a female.

SOUL: said...

happy mothers day girlie-- (let's try) to make it great! shall we :))

i hope you do have a really good day with em. force her into submission.

as for the rain-- it seems like it's been raining everywhere for a week. it has been here. if not rainy, the wind is blowin 50 miles an hour. i hope it's a nice day all around so we can all get some outside time today.


abbagirl74 said...

Happy Mother's Day!

heiresschild said...


this weather has really been something, hasn't it? my air conditioning unit still isn't fixed, so hopefully before we have our next round of really hot weather, it'll be done; otherwise, i might need to come visit with you. lol! enjoy your day today!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Wow, I can't believe you were gardening in the rain. You're so dedicated.

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