04 May 2009

Filler stuff

Six days with no sunshine and rain predicted though the week. Enough already!

The big reveal was great! I posted pictures to Facebook but will need to take time to do it here.

I'm off to the mall. A good place to be on another rainy day.

More later!


SOUL: said...

oh noooo--- not the maaaalllll hell.
i hope you enjoy yourself.
i am trying to avoid facebook--- the spam is killing me.
my "thing will say "you have 11 emails".. i get all "woo hoo! they love me!" i get in my inbox.. and i have 11 bs mails in my inbox, and 15 more in my spam box. it's sooooo irritating.

anyhow-- just needed to pop in and say hello to my friend.

happy monday.
ps hows you shoulder and knee? any progress?? i hope so.

Brad said...

I need socks!

Kathy said...

All this rain is getting to me, too!

Palm Springs Savant said...

ooo yuck, you need a sunshine break. I'll try to send some Palm Springs sun your way.

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