31 May 2009

Two 'fer

It's been a Seattle kind of day. At least the kind I remember from when I was last there which might have been 21 years ago. It's just perfect. Very breezy. The slightest coolness to the air. Bright blue sky. No humidity. Upper 70's. What do you say, my WA friends? Am I describing your kind of weather? I just wish we had The Mountain here.

It was one of those, what do I do with my day, kind of days. I spent too much time on the computer in the morning. As usual. Then I went outside and picked the weeds that grow in every crack between my driveway/sidewalk and sidewalk/curb. Not great for the nails but not the kind of job you can do with gloves on. I picked yet another 3' lily stalk that someone chewed off at the base. Said hi to my neighbor who wasn't overly friendly. I wonder why? :) I downloaded a few CD's of my next book club book onto my computer then onto my iPhone. 'The Book Thief' Then I went to the pool. What a perfect day for the pool. I listened to at least 1 1/2 CD's of my book. I would have rather been listening to music and reading my Wired magazine. I was brave and got in the cool water of the pool and swam 5 laps. I swam nice and slow, since I'm basically starting from scratch. I had a few sips of the iced caramel latte I got from Baskin Robbins since that was all that was in the cup after I spilled it. Bummer. I hung out for a few hours. It really was heavenly.

I came home to find my neighbor working on his garage doors. They look worse then ever. I'm going to check to see if he's around. I want to take a pic. BRB. Nope. He's still working. I do feel bad for him, but...

Emily worked today and is at a friend's tie-dying shirts. That left me on my own for dinner. I grilled potatoes and steak and made fresh broccoli. I'm on my second Coronita. I'm good at entertaining myself.

I'm going to try some ads on my site. I've never wanted to do it, and I'm not really sure if they actually generate any money, but hopefully I'll be paying for private school and any extra income will be a good thing. Let me know if you ever see anything bothersome or offensive, OK?

Thanks for stopping by. I'm off to check your blogs now.


Lena said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing day. Any news about your knee?

Kathy said...

I'm tired from reading this! I'm sure the water was chilly with all the rain we've had! Gee, can't imagine why your neighbor was less than friendly? A conundrum...
Hopefully, tomorrow will be just as beautiful and you'll have found a repellent for the rabbits.

happyone said...

I've seen those garage doors. It's about time he's working on them. :-)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

How hilarious. They are advertising duck eggs on your blog!

I'm glad you're starting the return to exercise slowly.

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