14 June 2007

How's this for a trip down memory lane? Emily's first days of 6th, 7th and 8th grade. My, how she's grown. I have pictures of her, in this pose, starting with preschool. Graduation was very emotional for her tonight. She's a freshman now. I hate to think how fast it will go from here.


abbagirl74 said...

Okay chickie. I am totally jealous of your hair! Natural curls I am assuming. (sigh) Wish I had curly hair. Mine is very straight.

Congratulations on moving on up in the world of education. High school will be over before you know it. Advice - take plenty of pictures and don't limit your friends. Get to know as many different people as you can. I would do a scrapbook for every year. Your future family will love it. Most of all, study hard and have fun!!!

Rich said...

Before you know it she will be a senior in High school and looking at colleges. Case in point for me with my son. It seemed like last week he was a freshman. Just keeping them safe and guding them through it all is what they need from us.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

You have raised a beautiful daughter with a good sense of humor (from an earlier post).

jAMiE said...

WHat a lovely girl...and she looks just like you. Nice to have curly hair...when i have hair, mine is so straight.

Anonymous said...

They grow like weeds, but fortunately at least most of them have some sort of sense of humor. Weeds humorless.


captain corky said...

She seems and looks like an incredibly well grounded mature young gal.

Warning: Whatever you do, Never let her go out on a date with anybody named Corky. Teenaged Corky's tend to be a very bad influence on young ladies.
Fred's and Charlie's are perfectly acceptable however.

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