16 June 2007

Late on a Saturday night and just getting started...

It was a long day and I'm still wide awake. Must be the caffeine. So it was a usual Saturday morning--up and out early. It was a short work day. I wasn't fully booked-- something that never happens on a Saturday and I got off at 1:00. I went to Borders, which is always like a mini-vacation for me. Then it was off to Emily's team's All-Star game. She didn't play, but was chosen for the base-running competition. She came in second...she's fast. Next stop, home, then to pick up my friend Kit. We went to dinner at Uno's. The service was beyond bad. We had an outdoor table, a bad waiter, and our food took over 40 minutes to arrive. We only ordered appetizers. I finally couldn't stand it and asked to speak to the manager. He came over just as our food finally arrived. I told him how long we were kept waiting, and he told us the meal was on him. I didn't expect that, but he insisted. That was nice. We shopped. Emily got clothes from her favorite stores. Kit wanted me to negotiate for her and get a good deal on a new cell phone from Verizon. We had a really good salesman, and Kit was happy. They had a package for e-mail for $5 a month. I was a little jealous so we went to the Cingular (woops, I mean the new AT&T) store, dropped my text messaging package and got my own $5 e-mail package. New toy! Last stop of the night: The Nautilus Diner for a banana split. A good ending.

Tomorrow morning the family will meet at good old Bob Evans for a Father's Day breakfast. There will be at least 11 of us. I got my father his usual gift: a Walmart gift card. He goes there every Tuesday and buys a new DVD. Don't ask me why he doesn't just rent them; I couldn't tell you.

And, that's my ramble for the night.


SpringMist said...

I am exactly the same whn it comes to Borders. I wish I can visit the book place more frequently but each visit involves a lot of bus rides just to get there. So more for me, each visit to Borders is precious. I just love spending a whole day there until the sales people get annoyed!

Your family sounds like a great group of people!

~Vital~ said...

I'm with your father on this. we buy movies all the time. We have a huge movie library. It's great for when nothing is on TV worth watching. It is also good when there is a hurricane and the power is out. The kids fire up their portable dvd player and watch away, plus when the hurricane is over you can plug the tv and dvd player into the generator. Of course we are a huge movie buff family. We constantly quote movies. We're weird..I know..

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