29 June 2007

Hi Mom and friends :] I'm at my dad's house and I decided to check out if I still knew your password and guess what?! lol I love this picture of Adam, me and Aaron in art! I think that Middle school will be missed until... tenth grade. Once ninth grade is over, everything will be amazing! Oh and I'm going to Canada on the eighth to the 15Th. And, I ordered my camera today online. I'm going to explain it to you just like my mom would with her whole money-saving words of encouragement. So I go online and look for the name of the camera that I have already picked out as 'the one'. After a few websites, the cheapest price is $211 no shipping. Then I find it on Dell for cheaper and order it. The website said 3-5 shipping days to arrive. So I thought, perfect, that will be before my trip. Then I get the conformation e-mail and it says that it will arrive July 13-16Th. So, I had to call Dell and cancel the order because I would be back from my trip by the time it came. The stupid guy tried to argue with my about canceling my order, I'm like "what don't you get about the camera HAVING to be here BY the 6Th??" So anyways, I go back online and find that Staples has the camera and is giving a $50 rebate. I also see that they'll send me a free Canon printer if I buy the camera. So it turns out to be $212 with the mail in rebate and the free printer! Please tell me I'm good :] Mom, I think I'm getting better at this than you! LOL

I saw Live Free or Die Hard today. I would reccomend it to anyone. It's my new favorite movie. Well, I have to go walk Elvis now.


Cheryl said...

Imagine my surprise to find this post on my blog, daughter of mine. You're a chip off the old curly-haired block.

You followed the family tradition and found a bargain. It even had a 'coupon'. Good job. You'll love your new camera.

Terroni said...

Emily, please tell me that Elvis is a dog.

And I love that you bogarted your mother's blog...you go, girl!

Ilene said...

You ARE really good. I'm impressed. That's funny that your two friends are Adam and Aaron!

Anonymous said...

And I bet you borrow your mom's clothes sometimes too, don't cha. :>

Looks like a nice camera.

Maybe your walking Elvis Costello (Alternative Rock) about, boy would I be jealous!


Summer said...

I have that camera and you're going to love it!

Cheryl said...

Elvis is my Scottish Terrior.

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