09 June 2007

I'm sitting the side of my couch that's next to my neighbor's house. Why? So I can pick up her wireless Internet connection because mine is not working. Again! So not fair!

I was finally able to go to Border's after work today after a few week's absence. I had my yummy caramel latte, extra hot, extra shot. So good. I read OK magazine and caught up on all the celebrity gossip. So bad. I redeemed myself afterwards by reading Consumer Reports. So there. I came home and got ready to go to my cousin's for a cook-out.

I love spending time with her and her family. They had a birthday party during the day for her 10-year old, and the super-size moon bounce was still there. I went in and jumped to my heart's delight. Yes, it was a blast.

Well, I'll try and be good and write tomorrow. Till then...I bid you adieu.


jAMiE said...

Those moon bounce things must be all the rage...my nephew and his wife are having one for their 6 year olds party today.

I hope you enjoyed the cookout!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I am proud to know you. Any adult who still happily admits to enjoy things like the moon bounce are the best in my book. Happy bouncing and happy bouncing memories. :)

SpringMist said...

Now I wish I can come across a moon bounce!
My internet is dial-up, tragicly slow. If only I had neigbours with wireless internet...

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Oh a network thief. You know they have blockers now so as to keep the internet pirates from thieving.

Have a good day!! :))

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