22 June 2007

I just went back and checked over my blog. I wanted to make sure that each post didn't start with, 'I'm sitting outside on my porch'. I'm actually sitting upstairs in my room. OK, I was sitting outside till about 10 minutes ago. We've just had such great weather and I like nothing better than being outside. I ate my ice cream out there. And my kettle corn. That and some raisins made up tonight's dinner. I work late 2 nights a week and don't like to eat a big meal when I get home, so I fill up on whatever's handy. It works for me. Friday nights at home are just so quiet. Most people would find my life pretty boring, I think. I rarely feel bored.


Unknown said...

Southern Living recommends a TBS of chile powder in the mole hole. Worth a try!

Summer said...

I love my very small life.

Anonymous said...

Boring? I'd much rather be sitting outside on a porch plotting against woodland creatures than sitting in a crowded nightspot with the real animals!

I love reading about your quiet and happy life.

Terroni said...

This may seem a little out of left field...but what is a good tip for a hair dresser, say for a shampoo and cut?

Anonymous said...

Although you may feel like your life is boring, you are not boring!

And a stable life is a good thing, consider the alternative: strife, turmoil, hurt feels.

It's always a good thing when you can "choose your own adventure" instead of being taken for a ride. :>


Esmerelda said...

I second all of those. I think I'm learning that the quiet life is much more for me. When I was camping with no distractions, just the stars...I felt finally at peace.

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