03 June 2007

It's Sunday morning and I'm not where I was supposed to be. Kit and I made plans to meet at Panera really early. Like 7:00 AM. Yes, on a Sunday. She had to be somewhere at 11:00 so we decided to get an early start. I was so tired, but got up, showered, did the whole make-up thing (I totally believe in make-up), dressed and waited for her call. She asked me if I could come to her house instead. I was disappointed (I wasn't going to say anything) - I really wanted to go to Panera, but we still had a good time. I showed her all the pictures from the wedding and my nieces party. I helped her wrap the gifts for her party. We walked around the rooms of her house because she wanted my opinion on some decorating ideas she has. I left and decided I didn't want to go to Panera. It's out of the way, and a little late. I went to the local grocery store, then decided to call Caribou Coffee in the same shopping center to see if they have free wireless. Bingo! So here I sit with my cinnamon scone and caramel latte. The place is packed, and it's OK, but not my favorite place. Still, I can't complain. A steady rain is falling (hallelujah), Emily is at a friend's house, and I'm out with 'people.' I like that.

I'm going to see if I can put together a Picasa photo album. Be back later.


Esmerelda said...

Woo hoo for you!

Amanda said...

Sounds good!

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