21 June 2007

Yesterday morning I went out on the deck to water the plants. The first odd thing I noticed was the little white bits on the deck. I thought it was the shells of sunflower seeds. That was, until I saw the lid of the bucket of birdseed. That darn squirrel. How could it know there was bird seed inside? The bucket was clearly marked Kitty Litter. I brought the bucket in the house, then thought to look inside. Could you imagine if that squirrel was inside and got loose in the house? I wonder how long it took the squirrel to bite away at that lid to make that hole? He must have thought he was just about ready for the meal of his life. I can't imagine his surprise to find it gone. As I was getting ready to leave for work, I heard strange noises outside on the deck. It sounded like something was hitting the window. I looked out to see the squirrel frantically searching for the seed bucket. It was a crazy sight I wanted to stay and watch, but I had to go. I left hoping my outdoor furniture would be intact when I got home. It was.

Mole update: he's alive and tunnelling through my garden.

I saw a black mouse running across my porch as I watered last night.

The groundhog has been missing in action.


Terroni said...

I think you may have yourself a nature reserve of sorts.

Anonymous said...

"The bucket was clearly marked Kitty Litter."

Maybe English isn't his first language. Ha,ha,ha

Sorry to hear about the critter troubles, but they are really funny to hear when your not the person with the trouble.


SpringMist said...

So many rodents! Ur garden sounds like a tiny zoo! lol. Terroni is probably right.
I am scared of rodents of all kind so I would have been screaming the whole day. However, I do think squirrels are cute.
Have u managed to take a pic of the mole? I never saw one up close. Very curious.

captain corky said...

You have a regular animal Kingdom in your backyard. You should start charging admission. It never hurts to make a couple of bucks on the side. ;)

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Okay, I admit you have a rodent problem. But the way you say the groundhog is missing in action is almost like going through a list of old friends. Sorry that the "kitty litter" strategy did not work. I'm sorry but I am really laughing at this post.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Sorry if I sound unsympathetic. It's not that. But as the others said, if you have so much rodent problem, you might as well charge admission or find someway to make it work for you.

I once had a very bad day and everything that could go wrong did. As I waited for my bus (which was delayed) late at night, I wondered to myself,annoyed, what else could possibly go wrong. Then a bird pooped on my head. At that point, the only response is hysterical laughter! :)

Rick Rockhill said...

love all God's creatures great and small. Except bugs. and rodents. and bees. and snakes. and worms. Oh hell, all I really like are dogs and cats!

stop by and say hi sometime

Lynx217 said...

haha!!! you should've videotaped it and posted it on youtube! Get a couple cats, they'll fix your rodent problems, especially hunting-types like Maine Coons!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

you seriously crack me up!!

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