16 June 2007

Hi, it's Emily! I made a slideshow of my graduation pictures and one from the last day of school. Enjoy!


Andrew said...


That is so great. Thanks for sharing them. Congratulations on your graduation. You are growing up! College is around the corner!


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Congrats Emily. I envy you. Life is so full of possibilities at this point. May you enjoy growing into adulthood without being pressured to do it quickly.

Billy said...

WooHoo! Go girl! Who's the foxy guy in the picture with you?

Cheryl, I can just see you now, chest filled with pride. I know how you must feel. She's growing up. You've done a great job raising such a classy young lady.

Happy Day to you both.

captain corky said...

Very nice pics!

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