23 January 2008

I don't usually write in the morning, but last night's post really didn't count. Today makes day 2 of waking up too early. What made me wake up at 4:30? And why do I rarely fall back asleep? I've had a lot on my mind, and everything just intensifies when you're in bed and can't sleep. I got out of bed at 5:30 and feel much better. One good thing about being up early is you have more time at home before work to do stuff. So here I am.

It must be windy, because my chimes are singing a tune on my deck. My camera has a sound record mode, and one of these days I'll see if I can put an audio clip on this blog. I've figured out how to record sound, but not how to transfer it. Emily just got up for school. Today is her last day of mid-terms and I'll be driving her. She wakes up at 5:30 when she takes the bus and 6:10 when I drive. She says that half hour of sleep makes all the difference and she stays awake during 1st period. I'm so thankful that she gets up by herself. When she was in elementary school it was a battle every morning. I'm glad this isn't one of the battles now. Really thankful.

Emily borrowed the Paper Mario Wii game from Blockbuster, and she's been playing it non-stop. I watch, but it holds no appeal. I tried playing tennis on Monday, but I gave up, too easily, really. Same with baseball. I think I need to find a time to practice when no one's around. My hand/eye coordination has never been good, and I can't figure out when to swing the bat or racket. One of my clients has Nintendo stock, and said the price has gone through the roof. Corporations like Sunrise, that own assisted living facilities all over the country, are putting multiple Wii's in all their facilities, along with big screen TV's. It turns out that formerly sedentary residents are playing Wii games in droves. There's Wii bowling leagues, tennis leagues, etc... My feeling is if Seniors can master the games, I should at least be able to play. Of course, these Seniors might have been real athletes in their younger days. Unlike me.

OK...it's time to get a move on. Happy Wednesday to you!


Lena said...

Good morning!

I was supposed to go to a friend's house last night because she wanted me to play Wii with her. My son thought it was very cool that I had a video game date. I didn't end up going though because the weather was iffy.

My friend's 80 year old mother enjoys it as well, so I guess it is something that will bring all generations together!

I had a feeling it would be really hard and I would need a lot of practice.

Have a great Wednesday!

Gin said...

I get up early too. Partly my job and partly just can't sleep too late!

I hope they put a Wii in my dad's elderly housing! He's love it.

Have a great day

Billy said...

Hope you have a great day Cheryl! I have been searching for a Wii for the kid for weeks now. Can't get my hands on one, not even online. Oh well, patience gets it's reward. At least, that is what my grandmother used to say.

C.A. said...

Isn't it great that the Wii is being used to help people? :) Have you guys tried the Mario Olympics game yet? OMG...it's a WORKOUT!

Have a beautiful day, Cheryl!

Mary said...

Finally something good from the electronic game gurus. Harry and I don't have a Wii and haven't tried the games yet. When the older kids talk about them they laugh and their eyes sparkle.

Jay said...

Assisted living centers getting Wiis and big screen tvs is a great idea. I bet they have a great time with them and it keeps them active.

Dave said...

I used to play a lot of Nintendo years back until it all became 3D. It seesm that the 3D does a number to my equilibrium and makes me feel sick. My son has all the new and old systems so all I now do is watch and play.

Have you heard about all those people who have been throwing there Wii controlers at their TVs by accident? Especially when they are playing babseball.... Too much! LOL

Happyone said...

Great idea to put the Wii's in senior homes!!
I'm not one for video games myself - I just can't take the time to learn them. I guess there is too much other stuff I'd rather be doing. :-)
A happy Wednesday to you too.

Mo said...

Happy Hump day to you too. I can't believe it is already Wednesday!

I wonder if the senior citizens get more visitors now that the wii is in the house?

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Happy Wednesday to you too Cheryl. The last video game I played was the original Mario Bros way back in the 80's. I saw this as a potential addiction so I stopped. Now I blog instead. :))

SOUL said...

i get up too early every day-- hopefully you can get back on the right track soon
happy humpday

Brad said...

I saw a story about Wii's in adult care homes - Great story and a great use of technology - made me smile.

Hope you had a great day friend ! Cold and sunny here, and no snow ! YESH!

Brad said...

I saw a story about seniors playing Wii - what a great use of technology - made me smile.
Hope you had a great day - cold and sunny here but no snow - yeah!

Moohaa said...

I have never had an interest in video games until the wii. Now I want one! I figure if it gets my family off their butts and moving together, its gotta be worth it!

Have fun with it!

Jamie said...

I'm with you - no hand/eye coordination...and I just give up, and am not going to even try. I applaud your efforts!

I hope you sleep in the rest of the week, or you will be able to joing soul and I on our early am chats---and thats not so bad, but we don't get much done. :)

SOUL said...

so--- you up yet? jamie must be sleepin in.. hmmm. that's pretty sad when 420 is sleepin in huh.
let's just say i do hope YOU are sleepin in.
have a great day.
come save my hair?

tell me..
how do people ever get all their people?
hair people
house people
money people
cook people
even people to shop for them...

really-- it's not that i'm lazy-- i just have a real problem with these things.

i need people. or perhaps a kick in the pants?

well except for the hair people.... i must have a hair people. :))

have a good day-

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I hope you're able to sleep tonight!
I think it was Gypsy that mentioned that herbal Calme Forte? Feel better please, there always seems to be great turmoil within either just before Christmas, or about a month afterwards..for some it's because of the cc bills, for others, I think (well for me) it's just that I'm soo tired of the gloom.
Let's plan the Costa Rica trip. :)
Have a great THursday, and I hope like Em is able to stay awake during first period, that you are able to stay awake during your first client.

UGH, midterms! YUCK!

jAMiE said...

I am sorry you are having trouble sleeping..i hope you are able to sleep well tonight.

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