17 January 2008

Just a quick note: my father is home. Yeah! He was finally released and got home around dinner time. There's no place like home.

We watched The Rocket Farmer on DVD tonight. I loved it! I should watch movies more often!


Andrew said...

I am so thankful for this! Glad he could watch a movie and be with his family. I know from being in the hospital for what ails me time to time, that there is no feeling like getting home!

fiwa said...

Oh goodness - your poor dad! I'm so glad it was nothing too serious and that he's back home now!

You be careful driving in all that snow. Missed ya! fiwa

Jay said...

Glad he's home. That's great news!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

God Bless, I'm so glad he's home. Emotionally, are you ready to let go of the adrenaline? it's so exhausting, and I'm hoping you're holding up alright my Cheryl!!
no greys new showing tonight..that's alright..working on that website!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your dad was not seriously injured in this latest fall! I agree about trying to get rid of all tripping hazards with older folks in the home.

I love the pic of the red cardinal in the snow too.

Take care,


SOUL said...

so glad to hear he's home-- hope he does and stays well...

did you mean astronaut farmer? i heard that got horrible reviews i have been afraid to get it-- did y'all really like it?

hope you have a happy friday

Happyone said...

I am glad to hear your dad is back home and you had such a great day yesterday.
I wrote the post about MOW that you suggested I write. I put it on my This and That blog.
I don't think the kids had school here, but I think it was a scheduled day off anyway.

Jamie said...

I'm thrilled your dad is home---that must have been so scary for you and your mom.

It is so hard watching our parents age, isn't it?

dawn said...

cheryl, this is wonderful news.

bonnie said...

I liked that movie too. Glad Dad is back and doing well. Who's in charge of TAPE?

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