04 January 2008

I was just looking at the cover of my 2007 calendar, and it gave me an idea to add to the meme I'm going to post one day. It was #8 on my list, just so you know. I'd tell you more but it's going to be a surprise.

So it's Friday night and I'm home alone, as I always am on Fridays. It's the one night a week Emily spends with her dad and step-mother. They have a really nice house in an over-55 community about 20 minutes from here. Emily has a beautifully furnished bedroom with an attached sitting room and her own bathroom on the floor above the master bedroom. She has a dog, Elvis, that lives there. Their house is decorated so differently than mine. I never did like his style of furniture when I met him...it's very modern...so it is good to see that he's surrounded by the things he likes. I haven't talked much about him, but from what I have said, you can probably tell that he's a really good dad and a good ex-husband. We don't have any problems. He married the widow of his best friend, and I knew them both from his work functions. My ex and his wife took early retirement; I'm not sure what they do with their time. I hope they're happy. I'm happy. I have no clue why I decided to write about that subject.

Today's new client was the sweetest girl. She's a senior in college but looked like she was in 10th grade. She was interesting and talkative. It doesn't get much better than that. I had a very busy day with all good clients. Three of them brought me belated Christmas gifts. One of them, the nicest lady who I've done 3 times, gave me a hug and kiss after I finished her hair. She said, I'm so glad I met you. How nice is that? She's given me a big hug everytime I've done her hair. She has an almost 96 year old mother who lives on her own, and who she helps out, and a husband with some type of debilitating disease who needs an aide and is confined to a wheelchair. I'm so glad I can do something for her that makes her so happy.

I can't wait till work is over tomorrow and I'm sitting in my favorite place. I've got a new stack of Border's gift cards just waiting to be spent on caramel lattes.



bonnie said...

Hi Cheryl, it was nice to read about your ex-husband and Emily's room and her dog. It sounds like his taste is somewhat like mine. I used to think it was Steve's taste. And then we added color (on his insistence) and now I am wildly happy. Weird. I like it though when you reveal something about yourself. What's with the meme???? You can tag me (pant pant).

Andrew said...

I think how a person feels about their ex speaks volumes about them. You seem to handle the situation with aplomb. I would love to have a friendship with my ex, Rachel, but she doesn't know I am medicated now and doing well.

I will think of you when I get up late in the morning. "That Cheryl is at Border's drinking her lattes." It will make me smile. I wish we had coffee shops around here. All we have is a goliath Wal-Mart and some fast food places.

Sleep tight tonight and thank you for your blog. You are my little slice of normalcy I get to read everyday. I am going to have a life like your one of these days and hope you read along to find out if I make it.

Sheesh, long comment. I just got so excited when you updated. I come over to your blog and write a book! LOL Cya Cheryl and sleep tight tonight.

Gin said...

I love Border's coffee shops! My favorite is their Chai tea. I wish they were a bit closer to my home.


Lena said...

I could tell that he was a really good dad and ex. How lucky for all of you that you are friends.

Emily's room sounds beautiful.

Glad you had a good day!

fiwa said...

Cheryl, that is so nice that you are on such good terms with your ex. You are a classy lady, and I would bet if there is a good relationship there, it's because you've worked on it so that it will be that way.

I can't wait to see your meme.
Enjoy your Borders!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Wow, you either have super friendly customers or you are very special. Clearly, it must be the latter. It is also wonderful that you and your ex are able to provide that stability for Emily. I am sure it is not always easy. You are doing good. As fiwa says, you got class.

Jamie said...

You write about the best subjects Cheryl. Really, it's nice that you can be friendly with your ex---it just makes everything better that way. Certainly easier for Emily.

You are a good Mom---and it shows in everything you do.

Have a great time today!


dawn said...

i am so glad that emily has a good relationship with her father. your posts always make me feel your peace.

Happyone said...

It's good that you get along with your ex. It certainly makes things easier, especially for Emily.
Glad work went well for you. It's amazing the older we get the younger young people seem. :-)
I think it is so nice that your client appreciates how nice you are with a hug and a kiss.
One of these days you, me and bonnie will have to get together for lunch or something. It would be nice to meet the two of you in person. :-)

Mary said...

It makes everything simple for Emily that everyone gets along. That takes class and you are one classy lady. Your family and clients are lucky to claim you as their own.

SOUL said...

you always make me wanna go to starbucks at barnes n noble... when i get my glasses i sure will be there more often.
have a great saturday...
btw.. i want a room like emilys'
but i think i'll skip the ex. :)) (not yours of course.. i mean mine.. i think i'll keep him..oh hell..nevermind..i'll go now)

Rick Rockhill said...

it is good to be able to get along well with others.

You must love your job, meeting so many interesting people all the time.

Mike said...

That is great you have such a harmonious relationship with your ex. It must make parenting so much easier that way.

Thanks for stopping by today!
Take care,

Moohaa said...

I'm glad you get along with your ex. It makes such a better environment for your daughter. My ex and I get along, we have for about 3 or 4 years but before that it was ugly. I'm grateful for the peace.

Can't wait to see the meme you are going to post...

Anonymous said...

hm. this may be nosy but why did it not work between you and your ex?

i always wonder when the marriage is between two good people, what makes it end? just curious. you don't have to answer the question. i am just speculating out loud about where my mind wandered after reading your post.

anyhoo... glad to hear that you have a Borders gift card. I know you are going to enjoy that!

captain corky said...

I'm glad to hear stuff about your life. It makes me feel like I know you better. Have a great weekend Cheryl!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

You are a very classy lady, and respectful too.
I'm glad work was breezy for you and you're enjoying your saturday weekend peace too!
It's nice to see that you are kind there aren't many people like you..and I'm glad to know you! :)

Portia said...

It is so nice that you have such a cordial relationship with your ex. You do seem perfect for your job, which brings a lot of joy and self confidence to many people.
Looking forward to that meme:)

Mary said...

Cheryl, Please check your email! Mary (Pathways)

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