31 January 2008

The old cold is in full bloom. Different than the last. That one affected my voice more than anything. This has me really stuffed up. I'm eating my ham and pineapple Boboli pizza, thinking it's the last thing I may be able to taste for a while. Although I don't believe that over the counter remedies work, I bought Airbourne and have taken 3 doses so far. I figure it won't hurt. I also bought a Neti Pot, or 'nose bidet' to 'gently cleanse my sinuses.' I saw it demonstrated on Oprah, and thought, why not?

Anyone out there a Lost fan? Me, me me, I am. If I'd been paying attention I would have watched the catch up show last night. I'll be glued to the TV starting at 8:00. It's been a long wait and I'm excited.

The rest of my day yesterday went well. I went to Sam's Club and the grocery store. I went the easy route and got a rotisserie chicken. It was good, but way too big for the two of us. I froze the leftovers, but it's really much better when it's fresh. Emily was happily surprised when I asked if she wanted to go to the movies when she got home from school. We saw 27 Dresses and loved it! Despite the person sitting in our row talking on his cell phone. There were only 5 of us in the whole theater so it was really obvious.

Well, it's time to clean up so I can get down to the business of resting and watching TV. Later!


C.A. said...

So sorry you've got another cold. :( Have you tried that stuff youre supposed to take right at the beginning and is supposed to lessen the duration and intensity? Right now the name escapes me, but I'll think of it! It's really helped me in the past.

Feel better soon!



Gin said...

You're going to love your neti pot once you get used to using it. I have had one for about 2 years and it's the best sinus remedy! It works for sinus problems, colds, allergies. It's amazing.

Good luck getting to feel better.

Lena said...

I am waiting for LOST, too! Only 8 episodes filmed, unless the writer's strike is settled soon then they will film more.

Whoopi Goldberg gave away a new story line on the View today. Do you want to know it?


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

strike two for the movie theater..
first the issue with Em, and then, this...if they were doing their job...grrr... I witnessed a very frustrating thing tonight, and I actually thought, "Hmmm, what would YOU do?..."

It's time for Lost!
You know who LOVES it? GYPSY!!
enjoy your time getting lost..

Jay said...

I think theaters should be allowed to jam cell phones. Even if the movie is 27 Dresses. LOL ;-)

Mary said...

LOST!!! I don't want anyone to make a sound or move when it's on!! I'm so glad someone else watches. Bad storm here. gotta go for now.

marykay said...

Sorry to hear your sick again, I saw the nedi pot thing and let me know how it goes. I have horrible allergies. 27 dresses I'm so jealous, fun times!

marykay said...

Sorry to hear your sick again, I saw the nedi pot thing and let me know how it goes. I have horrible allergies. 27 dresses I'm so jealous, fun times!

heiresschild said...

Lost fan here! me, me me! love it, love it, love it!

feel better real soon! make sure you wash your hands before you blog so we won't catch cold. (sorry, probably not a good joke, but i couldn't resist trying to get a laugh out of you, lol).

Mo said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon. Let me know how your pot works.

jAMiE said...

I hope you feel better soon Cheryl...try to get plenty of rest. I hope you enjoyed Lost. I am not a fan but Tim his and he was riveted to his tv last night.

Glad you enjoyed the movie...i look forward to seeing that when it comes out on video.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I hope you're feeling better!
Were you happy with the show last night???
Thank goodness it's friday, we are snowed in..no school..lots of snow..

Happyone said...

oh no, not another cold. Has bonnie been by yet? :-) It seems like everyone is getting a cold that lingers on and on. Mine is just about gone and it's been 2 weeks today. This is the first cold I've had in YEARS!
No, not a Lost fan.

dawn said...

cheryl, i hope you feel better. being sick sucks.

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