02 January 2008

Tomorrow starts the reality of back to work as usual, although it's only a 3 day week. I won't have time off again till my summer vacation. Days off seem to fly by whether you have 2 in a row or 5. This day was a really good one. It had a balance of busy and still but not lazy. Let's see...paperwork and cleaning up a bit. Undecorating the tree, and lugging the three sections of the tree down to the basement. The middle and bottom sections weigh a ton, and I was very careful walking down the basement stairs. I vacuumed the whole downstairs, so it's back to normal. Well, better than that. After having the house in perfect shape for about a month, I'm going to try too maintain it. Keep piles from accumulating on the counters, dining room table, and coffee table. Etc. Clean up after myself and encourage Emily to do the same. There's nothing like a clean and neat house. I grew up in one like that.

I went to the grocery store to buy ingredients for The Pioneer Woman's pot roast, but the meat was too expensive so I bought chicken breasts instead. I'll make the pot roast this weekend. Tonight I made a recipe my ex gave me for 'unfried chicken strips.' This was the second time I made it. The first time I didn't care for it, but thought it was my fault. This time I followed the recipe exactly, and didn't like it again. I froze the leftovers and will cut the strips up to put in my salads, and it will be fine that way.

I made my red pepper salad dressing, and tomorrow will be the start of eating normally again. I have 3 bags of Fresh Express salad blends in the fridge, yogurt, chicken, fruit, etc... I ate the last of the banana pie for breakfast. No more cookies, candy, nuts, etc... It will be good to lose a few pounds, although I didn't do too bad this holiday season. Somehow.

I didn't get to do any blog reading today, and I'm going to make myself sign off now so I can finally start that book before I turn in.

Till the next time...


Dave said...

You make me hungry just reading this post. Tonight I burnt supper... Groan.....

Billy said...

Have a wonderful week Cheryl!

Mary said...

Hope your return to routine isn't stressful. Routine can be a good thing. I wish my house was clean and neat - it may take a while to get it that way, though.

Jay said...

I have officially finished off all the Christmas and New Years goodies that were around the house too. Actually, I just had to toss some of the stuff. They had been around long enough.

Unfried Chicken Strips? I think I've seen somebody on Food Network make that. Thought it looked interesting.

SOUL said...

no way... you made the dreaded diet resolution???
that's ok... i bought nicotine gum.. but i still have a few packs of smokes left... lets see who cracks first.
hmmm... perhaps we can make this a little interesting???
you want a feather tree... i don't know what i want tho.
i'll have to think about it.
what's your poundage goal? it can't be very much...
i gotta get my self motivated here.
the child informed me.. at like 8 last night, that she needed paper and a notebook... for TODAY at her first day back to school. why do they do that??? she has had more than two weeks to get this stuff--- yet she literally waits til the last minute.
want her???
just kidding. you know that.
have a good day...

C.A. said...

I'm with Dave...I always get hungry when you post about food. :)

I started back on the Health Regime, too...sigh. I want to be ready for the cruise in June!

Here's hoping your 3 days of work fly by!

Happyone said...

I pretty much stay on my food routine throughout the holidays. Just a couple of days when I ate more than I should have. I just don't feel good if I eat too much junk.

I like having a nice clean neat house too. Always makes me feel good.

Hope your first day back to work goes well for you.

Portia said...

I have a short work week too. It's nice after the holidays to gradually work my way back into the full time swing.
I have shared the Pioneer Woman's site with everyone I know and every last person LOVES it! I can't wait to hear how the pot roast turns out.

Moohaa said...

Red Pepper salad dressing? Feel like sharing? Sounds yummy to me!

Enjoy your last day off!

dawn said...

there is nothing like a clean and neat house.
here, here, sistah!

you are so ahead of the game.
you go girl.

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