12 January 2008

I've been a couch potato. I've sat in the same spot since coming home from Border's, catching up on every blog. I did get up to make dinner. Well, heat homemade lasagna in the microwave. And eat ice cream. Just wait, tomorrow I'll have nothing to do and there'll be no new posts to read. That's OK. I really have other things to do. Like read Eat Pray Love for my book club. I read the first third of the book this past summer, loved it, then couldn't get through the 'Pray'. I fought it being the club selection, but lost. So, I have the book and will try my best to get through it. It's probably still on the bestseller's list. I know people love that book. I just don't wanna read it.

If you go to Bon's blog, you'll see a picture she made for me with her pen tablet. I don't know what a pen tablet is, but I want one. Thanks Bon, and here's a picture for you. My father bought a P. Buckley Moss print for all of his grandchildren. This is Moss's 'Emily'. I thought of it as soon as I saw your picture. Uncanny, huh? Different, but similar.

Here's another picture, and I've meant to put it up for a while. It's for Happyone. I took this picture at the Fredrick Craft Show just for you.

Bon and Happyone live near me. I met Bon when I did her hair, and made a blogging addict out of her. One day we'll meet Happyone in person.

Well, it's almost 9:00 PM. I think I'll get up and do something productive.

PS..Andrew...this update's for you!


Andrew said...

Thank you, friend! You and what you do are so appreciated. I sometimes worry I blog to much, but I try to spin it that it is creative writing! Yeah, creative writing. That's the ticket! Hah! Take care and enjoy the day off tomorrow. I am not long for the bed myself. I'll watch out for your snow Sunday morning and Monday.

Dave said...

Hi Cheryl!

I have had a Wacom Tablet and pen for a few years now. I bought three for gifts for other people this Christmas... Well worth the expense if you enjoy drawing and painting on your computer.

Take care! :-)

Portia said...

I love that picture of the rollers! Good luck getting through the book. It's hard when it doesn't hold your interest. Glad you got in some couch potato time:) I'm getting mine right at the moment!

fiwa said...

You know, I have heard other people say that about Eat Pray Love too. I am curious and want to read it, but I'm going to try to get it at the library so I'm not wasting the money if I don't like it. Do you know there were 278 holds on it?!

I hope you have a good day tomorrow. :)

dawn said...

i have that book on hold, too.

i have a wacom & thought i lost the pen...and just found it the other day. you would love it, cheryl.

azure said...

P Buckley Moss? I think that's the artist that had an interest in student's learning disabilities. About 5 years ago, we tried to apply for scholarships for Susanna and we applied for one given to a ld student by P Buckly Moss. She didn't get it, but we got an unsolicited letter with a $100 check from a P Buckley Moss club in a rural area who wanted to help Susanna with her college expenses as a beginning college student.

In Susanna's case, the athletic monies were much more significant.

But I was very touched....

C.C. said...

Your photo of the rolling pins is great...seems like something Happyone would love! I'm reading The Magician's Assistant by Anne Patchett now and highly recommend it. Bel Canto (same author) is also wonderful. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

THank you thank you thank you for the beautiful card!!!!!! I was so surprised and you are so thoughtful! It's been crazy over by me..I finally just posted, I think it's almost midnight by you.
Okay, I'm off to bed..
Have a great day off tomorrow!!
Thank you so much, I'm glad that you and I are friends!

Jay said...

Lasagna and ice cream? Great combination!

Leaking Moonlight said...

You got me with the rolling pins pic. Rolling pins speak to me. (I would happily collect away if I had the funds.)

Brad said...

Honey ! Now I have rolling pin envy.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Happy Sunday..you must be sleeping in! :)

Mary said...

Glad to see you post. I've been a bit concerned about you. You've had a rough couple of weeks and they came before you had a chance to recoup from the holiday rush.

I didn't buy "Eat Pray Love" but I did consider it. I've seen good reviews but for some reason it just didn't appeal to me.

I visited Bon's blog. "Cheryl's Tulips" is beautiful. I don't know what a pen tablet is either, but I think I'll look into it. Your Moss print is really pretty, too. Tulips on both. Uncanny, yes.

Summer said...

Rolling pen envy. Ha!

The picture is lovely and suits you perfectly.

You having trouble with that book reminded me of when I attempted and finally succeeded in reading The Shipping News. It was a painful year.

I updated. You'll have something to read today. Hahaha.

Rick Rockhill said...

Cheryl- Lasagne is probably my favorite food hands down. That and pizza. Oh and chocolate.

Happyone said...

Thanks for thinking of me and posting the rolling pin picture.
Yes, we will meet one day soon. :-)

bonnie said...

Uh, Cheryl? I can't see the pictures. Maybe I'll sign out and try again. There's words, just no photos. Boo. Well, I'll be back. I loved reading your post though. And by the way, wanna go out and play?

bonnie said...

Still no pictures. I'll try later.

bonnie said...

Whoa, there they are! That is uncanny. My my.

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