20 January 2008

I'm back. I should have written a little something to say I was around, since I usually write every day. Sorry! Where did I leave off? Ah, sleeping on Friday night. It was good. Saturday was a weird work day. My first two clients, both color and cut, mother and daughter, had rescheduled their Saturday morning appointments, but they never got erased from the book. So, from 8-10 AM, I had nothing to do. Not a good start to the day, but, oh well. That happens sometimes. As it turned out, I didn't have any clients after 1:00, so it was a very short work day. I got to Border's really early, and read Fast Forward magazine. From front to back. It was a great issue, BTW. I went to the library, and took out a few DVD's that I probably won't watch. I do that. Emily and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant with our neighbor Kelly. Then we watched a DVD I borrowed from my dad, Liberty Heights. It was OK. It takes place in MD, so it's fun to hear about, and see, places you know.

I did my usual Sunday morning thing. I went to Kit's house first so I could see the progress she's made in decorating her basement. She wants it to be ready for the book club meeting she's hosting in February. For the book that I still haven't cracked open.

Is this post sounding like blah, blah, blah? It kind of sounds that way to me.

Emily and I went shopping in the afternoon. I made the mistake of bringing the dress she was set to wear to this weekend's wedding to a dry cleaning factory store. Mistake. They ironed out the pleats! They ruined the band around the bodice by ironing it wrong. This was the beautiful dress she wore to Homecoming. I really didn't know not to bring the dress to a $1.99 store. I didn't see the damage till today, and no place is open. So, we bought a new dress. I'll contact a good dry cleaner's tomorrow, but I don't know if the dress can be fixed. If it can, she'll wear it. Next we went to DSL shoes. I found comfortable heels, and so did Emily. Then we stopped by Border's for drinks to go. Then home.

Next stop...we went to the movies. Well, I went to the movies. My movie was starting at 5:15 and Emily and JD were seeing a 5:50 movie. Guess what? Unbeknownst to me, they weren't allowed in because they bought kid's tickets at the kiosk instead of student's. Emily was not allowed to go to my theater and get me, although she asked to. So, while I watched The Bucket List, thinking my daughter was safe in a theater, she was in the mall. For 2 hours. And you know what the manager told me when I expressed my take on the situation? He said he was sorry for the inconvenience. I told him it wasn't an inconvenience, it was a safety issue. I wasn't happy, as you can imagine.

And now I'm home, and here I am. And I watched The Runaway Bride while writing this. Sweet, but silly. Three movies in a weekend is a record for me. And if I don't sign off, this will never get sent!


Brad said...

sounds like a perfect sunday afternoon

Summer said...

Blah, blah, blah...that made me laugh. You need to write a letter to the higher ups about what happened to Emily at the theater.

Mary said...

Blah, blah, blah...NOT!! I enjoy your blog and really miss you when you're not here.

Your Sunday was great except for the theater. I agree with Summer - write the corporate office stressing safety issues. Also, I'd probably either call a local TV station or write an editorial warning parents about the situation. When something like this happens to kids, I get MEAN.

Have a happy, warm Monday. It's 16 degrees here this morning. Too cold for going outside. Even the cat tucked her nose into her fur and went back to sleep.

Dave said...

Wow... Three movies! A lot more than usual I suppose but hey... There is nothing wrong with having an entertaining weekend right? Have a great today Cheryl!

fiwa said...

I can't believe they wouldn't at least let Emily come in to get you at the theater, that is ridiculous. At least she had JD with her so she wasn't alone in the mall.

Hey, how was the Bucket list, was it good?

captain corky said...

I call three movies breakfast around here. ;)

Ilene said...

Wouldn't they let Em and JD pay the difference for adult rate? I guess honesty IS the best policy! Definitely write a letter!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

That's messed up? You were right to write a letter! After all, she was willing to go get you, or could have sent him to get you..unreal!!

THE DRESS! I made that same mistake with an outfit that I had same thing..1.99 (CDONEPRICECLEANERS!!) oh, they one priced me all right..my outfit ruined..I'm sorry that had to happen to her dress...and of course they probably have a liability clause..
Sorry to hear that though...but it does sound like a great close..seeing GC on the screen! :)

bonnie said...

You can't still be avoiding Eat Pray Love. Just skip to Love. It's good. Listening to it, I found her voice a little breathy and annoying, a born blond. I love/hate being catty.

Moohaa said...

I can't believe they didn't let Em come get you! I would be more then irate. I'm glad you wrote a letter to them. That needs to be changed!

jAMiE said...

I am sorry they ruined Emily's dress...what a shame.

Three movies..wow...it's been ages since i've seen one. I almost watched the Runaway Bride the other night too...but mother flies around the channels, no such luck.

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