29 May 2008

I got a jump-up and get started morning. What else is new? They only thing that held me back from getting out earlier was that daughter overslept and I had to wait for her to get ready, then make the drive to school. I'm at Panera's, at my usual table, the one I was at when I lost my phone. I'll always associate this place with that event, but it doesn't take away from my love of it. I'm eating a cinnamon crunch bagel with lite hazelnut creme cheese, along with a caramel latte, which just burnt my tongue. I'll stay here for a while, then meet up with Karen and Bonnie. We're touring Karen's model home, then going out to lunch.

This is all I'm writing for now. I'm here to catch up on you!


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

yummmmmmm!!! that sounds delicious!!

Enjoy your outing and tell Karen and Bonnie hi for me!! :)


Portia said...

I agree, that breakfast sounds completely yummy:) Hope you enjoy your day out with the ladies!

bonnie said...

Hey, you are up and about early. Ive been catching up on my blog reading and haven't showered yet. I think it might be nice to have a place to go and blog, out of the house. I'm going to think on it.

Jay said...

Hey, does your Panera limit you to only 30 minutes online using their free wireless? I was wondering cause I've heard that some of the locations do and I think that sucks! The one in Branson MO doesn't. Or at least it didn't last time I was there.

fiwa said...

I think I'm just too lazy to take my laptop somewhere else. I like the idea though. Mostly you would find me reading a book.

That bagel sounds so yummy. I hope you have fun with the ladies today!


Mary said...

It's almost dinner time and I'm just now getting time to cruise blogs. Man the cinnamon crunch bagel sounds heavenly! I'd trade my chicken salad for that in a heartbeat.

You girls will have so much fun touring the model home. I know it is lovely and will be more so with Karen's touch.

Lena said...

LOST finale tonight!!!

Brad said...

I hope you brought your camera (yes, I got your comment - working on it - negotiations are on-going with Jay - I want high end) I'd love to see more pic's of Karen's new place. - Hope you had fun!

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